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Putin suggested Manturov “not to play the fool” because of orders for aircraft

Putin suggested Manturov “not to play the fool” because of orders for aircraft

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Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to the lack of orders for aircraft at some enterprises and demanded that Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, provide them within a month. It is reported by RBC.

“Enterprises must understand their prospects for orders, they must hire labor, they must maintain production facilities. They need to understand how much the military department will order, how many civilian ships will be ordered. Some enterprises have no orders even for 2023,” Putin said at a meeting with the government.

He criticized Manturov for taking too long to resolve issues with contracts.

“As long as there are no passports, which you yourself mentioned, and there are no firm contracts, they have no understanding of what they will do. Long, too long. Please, I ask you to expedite this work. When will they be?” the president continued.

“We have contracts through the Ministry of Defense and through the civilian line… We have everything set up,” Manturov said.

“You have made up, but there are no contracts. Why are we going to dive. I know that there are no contracts at the enterprises – the directors told me. What are you really playing the fool. When there will be contracts – that’s what I’m talking about. Directors of enterprises tell me: there are no contracts. And you’ve got it all set up. When there will be passports, when there will be contracts – that’s what you need to answer … Within a month, the work should be completed, ”Putin said.

“We will not ‘try to do our best’, but finish the work within a month, no later,” Putin added.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, answering a question about Putin’s complaints about Manturov, called criticism a “working process.”

Source: Rosbalt

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