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Five secrets of natural medicine to strengthen the immune system without taking drugs

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Maintaining a healthy body and free from discomfort caused by diseases is one of the main challenges that we all set for ourselves in life.

Although there are various medications on the market to increase defenses, there are also alternatives in natural medicine that help our system stay away from conditions such as flu, colds and even muscle aches.

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Here we leave you five secrets that you should know about natural medicine to strengthen the immune system and increase defenses.

To relieve colds, nose, throat and ear pain, the yogis of India used the technique of nasal washing.

Secrets of natural medicine to strengthen the immune system

1. Manage stress

When experiencing physical or emotional stress, a series of physiological reactions are generated that can affect the health of the body, because when living under stress, a greater amount of hormones are secreted that end up inhibiting the action of lymphocytes and affecting the thymus, a Basic gland for the development and proper functioning of the defense system, reports the Body Mind portal.

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To combat stress, it is recommended to exercise regularly and with moderate intensity, as this can indirectly strengthen the defenses.

2. Massages to stimulate the defenses

Reflex therapy is a massage technique that helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation, leaving positive results on the immune system. In addition, it serves to recover the vitality of the body and combat stress.

3. Yoga Nasal Wash

To relieve colds, nose, throat and ear pain, the yogis of India used the technique of nasal washing and over time they perfected it.

To do this, they use a burbot, a kind of porroncillo with a sphere at the tip that covers the nostril, you can also use a syringe, then pour half a liter of warm water inside it and add a teaspoon of sea salt.

Gently aspirate the liquid that is introduced with the burbot through the left nostril and expelled through the right, letting the water drag the mucus. Then it repeats in the opposite direction.

Yoga is multidisciplinary and therein lies its charm. Look for a class that offers the complete package: movement, breathing and meditation. Photo: Pexel

4. Maintain good oral hygiene

It is important to brush your teeth and tongue well after each meal, as germs and bacteria accumulate on the gums and teeth that can affect the immune system.

5. Natural remedies

In natural medicine there are remedies that serve to help prevent colds and flu, these must be homeopathic since they work as stimulators in the immune system helping to strengthen it.

These are drinks and infusions that are made with plants such as aloe vera, chamomile, basil, malojillo or lemon verbena, among others.

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