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The future of tattoos is without pain and without needles: they create a low-cost patch that can be applied at home

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The tattoo is an ancient art from more than five thousand years before the common era. So the way of doing it has been changing a lot from its origins to modern tattoo machines.

The fear of the pain of the procedure puts many people back when it comes to taking the step and having one.

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Although its evolution has not stopped, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have created the device that could revolutionize the world of tattooing, as published by Trendencias.

There are many types of tattoos and in many areas of the body: small, pretty and discreet; kawaii style, on the wrist, but they all have something in common and that is that they have been made with ink and a needle.

That reminds us of the typical stickers that children usually wear. Photo: Andrey Sayfutdinov

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Painless tattoos without needles

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However, painless tattoos are viable and, in fact, already exist, because scientists at Georgia Tech have successfully created an ink patch that allows tattooing without needles or hassle and in a quick and easy way.

This is reminiscent of the typical stickers that children wear, but they work very differently.

These patches are made up of microscopic needles that deposit the ink effectively, but without pain or bleeding.

These needles are smaller than a grain of sand and are made from tattoo ink encased in a dissolvable matrix. You just have to put them on the skin and press them.

These patches are made up of microscopic needles that deposit the ink effectively, but without pain or bleeding. Photo: dima_sidelnikov

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Each microneedle acts as a pixel to create, as a whole, an image. In addition, it allows the incorporation of inks of several different colors, including also black light ink, which can only be seen when illuminated with ultraviolet light.

To continue adding advantages: They are low cost and can be self-administered. Of course, for now it is only proven that they last, at least one year, but it is considered probable that they are permanent.

However, the most purists should not raise their hands to their heads yet because this method is not intended to replace the needle of a lifetime.

The goal is to offer alternatives for people, including pets, who want a painless tattoo that can be easily administered, either for aesthetic or medical reasons.


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