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The independence that adolescents ask for and need

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I have a little problem with my mom, she doesn’t understand me. I’m about to graduate, and being my last year I should enjoy what little time I have left with my friends, but my mom won’t let me. I rarely go out with anyone, because it mysteriously occurs to her that she wants to go out with me that very day. Or she answers me ‘because I don’t want to’. She is over 50 years old, she must understand that I am not the little girl she used to be, that I need a little more independence, that I am not going to leave her forgotten because I want to leave her, because she is my everything. I try to focus on helping at home, because my grandparents are sick (my father left us). She doesn’t realize that she hurts my feelings, and I don’t know how to show her that I love her other than with grades, which used to be very low, but I have managed to improve myself. I want her to understand what I feel.

the misunderstood,

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Dear lady. Thank you for writing to us and asking this question. It is necessary that you have a conversation with her mother, expressing what her heart feels in relation to the overprotective attitude What does she do with you?

Show her with love your respect and admiration in every way, know through this dialogue the rules that she has as educational objectivesthat you want to achieve with you and reach an agreement to fulfill them.

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Your mom may feel a huge emotional burden and responsibility to raise you alone. This may be the reason why she doesn’t want you to go out to parties with her friends.

Keep doing the part that corresponds to you as a daughter, being responsible with your studies, obedient to the established rules, and with respect to going out with your friends, promise to arrive at the appointed timethat is, do the part that corresponds to you, this will help strengthen the bonds of love and trust that should exist between mother and daughter.

Demonstrations of love are evidenced not only in words but also in actions. I’m sure she’s going to do great on her date with her mom. It is necessary to speak from heart to heart. And if you need a mediator, seek the help of a professional specialized in the subject.

mg. Toyi Espin de Jácome,

psychologist and family therapist.

Phone: 099-402-1070.

Source: Eluniverso

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