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Painful story of one of the 100 people in the world who have allergies to water

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Essential for human life, water occupies 70% of the planet. Living without this liquid is unthinkable, however, it can also cause problems in some people.

Allergies are reactions that the immune system gives to certain elements, the most common are dust, pollen, medicines, food; although there are also other very rare ones such as water.

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For several years, the stories of people who have suffered from the well-known aquagenic urticaria have been reviewed. One of the latest cases is the one reviewed by PA Real Life that tells the story of Sadie Tessmer, a 14-year-old teenager who was diagnosed with the disease.

It was explained that four months ago she was diagnosed with the condition and feels that when she showers they would be spraying gasoline on her and setting fire to her, tears also cause hives.

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From May 2022 Sadie’s life changed and now she must carry two autoinjectors that will act in an emergency situation that arises. “I try to avoid getting water on my face or neck because I don’t want to go into anaphylactic shock,” she said.

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The situation for the teenager is recent since until last year she enjoyed rowing and swimming on the beach, as well as other daily activities, however, at the end of last year she noticed that her body was burning.

To detect this pathology, it is necessary to apply a damp cloth with water on the skin for 20 minutes and thus check if hives develop. “I was pretty down for a few months because of it, and I get really upset when people ask me if I want to go to the beach,” she told the publication.

The family decided that Sadie should study at home and thus prevent her from sweating, the condition does not affect her internally, so she can drink water without any problem, although she must do so with a straw. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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