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Do you have braces? These are the foods you should avoid to maintain better oral hygiene

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Despite the fact that orthodontic appliances or brackets are designed to resist the forces of chewing and the movements that occur while eating, there are certain actions and foods that can damage them, that is why some measures must be taken and avoid consuming certain products.

Among the aspects that must be taken into account are: the type of cooking, the size of the portions and the texture of the food since if they are not adequate, they can damage the orthodontics or get trapped between the teeth and the spaces of the appliance. , hindering your hygiene and damaging the brackets.

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An example of this happens when fruits are eaten and large bites are taken, this action can cause the brackets to come off, in addition, food remains can be accumulated in the teeth and increase the risk of oral diseases such as cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis.

When fruits are eaten and large bites are taken, this action can cause the brackets to come off. Photo: LittleBee80

What food to avoid to maintain better oral hygiene

Chewing gum and candy

One of the foods that should be avoided without a doubt are those with a sticky texture, such as chewing gum, sweets and candies, since these make oral hygiene difficult because they stick to the devices and tend to get stuck, publishes the Better With Health portal .

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They also explain that these foods contain a large amount of sugars that cause bacteria and the appearance of cavities.

What treats to avoid

  • gummies
  • Candy
  • nougats
  • Chewing gums

Whole or very hard fruits and vegetables

One of the actions that should be avoided is to take large bites of whole or very hard fruits, since this can detach the brackets from the teeth. However, this does not mean that the consumption of these nutritious and necessary foods should be eliminated, the important thing is to change the way they are prepared to eat them in a more harmless way.

The definitive key is oral hygiene, but if the problem persists, it is advisable to seek a specialist. Photo: Christin Klose

Very hard and crunchy foods

The most common examples of crunchy foods are: toast, crackers, some snack foods, nuts and popcorn, these should be avoided as eating them requires extra force to cut and chew

Stringy or bone-in meats

Just like fruit, when eating chicken wings or beef ribs, you need to change the method of preparation and find an easier way to eat it, such as cut into small pieces or ground.

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