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Three exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen that are better than sit-ups

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In the gym, just because a lot of people are still doing something doesn’t necessarily mean you should too. Take one of the most common exercises in the weight room, for example: The crunch.

This universal abdominal training staple has passed from one commercial gym to another as countless users have performed millions of repetitions in hopes of sculpting a ripped six pack.

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Now that we know better, no matter how many reps you think you can do, the path to a six pack isn’t with this “overhyped exercise,” according to Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel.

You can reduce up to six centimeters from the waist with hypopressive exercises and it does not matter how old you are

“The tummy tuck just isn’t worth it,” says Samuel. “The truth is that fitness moved away from abs a long time ago because it’s not really a good way to work your abs.”

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This basic exercise actually, according to the expert, prevents you from achieving your six-pack goals. Instead of sit-ups, he tries these three tried-and-true ab-exercise alternatives.

Abdominal alternatives to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Hanging Leg Raise (or Knee Raise)

Focus on bringing your glutes forward during the contraction phase of this hanging movement and you’ll almost always get solid ab compression rep after rep, no matter which leg lift option you prefer.

Focus on bringing your glutes forward during the contraction phase. Photo: Ivanko_Brnjakovic

The positioning of this move allows you to reinforce your core, which really allows you to work that full six pack. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions.

hollow retentions

Hollow holds shift the focus to isometric contractions, forcing you to hold down your desired spinal flexion without compromising your neck.

Instead, the position reinforces tight central control. “Imagine taking the hardest part of a well-done sit-up and just holding it for 30 seconds or 45 seconds,” says Samuel.

So you can get your abs marked with the method of Chris Evans

Hollow holds shift the focus to isometric contractions without neck engagement. Photo: Violet Stoimenova

“That’s what you’re doing on hold and that’s why it’s such a great option.” Do 3 sets of 30 second holds.

V Up

This exercise is all about reaching and creating a flexion of the spine as we bring our hands and feet into the upper part of the movement, then lower back down to that starting position also targeting the lower abdomen.

This exercise allows you to work your upper and lower body. Photo: fizkes


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