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These are the natural juices and smoothies that help you prevent migraines and take care of your brain

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Unlike common headaches, migraines are usually more delicate, as they are often accompanied by visual difficulties, gastrointestinal problems or neurological complications. For this reason it is important to always go to the specialists when you have severe headaches.

home remedies for headache

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The web portal Better With Health explains that migraine is characterized by being a very strong and throbbing headache, they also point out that it can last minutes, hours and in some cases days.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes them as a disabling disease, to the point that these pains can hinder daily activities due to their strong symptoms.

Migraine is characterized by being a very strong and throbbing headache.

Currently, there are numerous medical treatments to treat this pathology, in addition, there is also the possibility of consuming various natural juices that will help combat this disease.

Juices and natural smoothies that help you prevent migraine

Cucumber and carrot juice

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  • ½ cucumber and 3 carrots.
  • 5 branches of parsley.
  • 2 spinach leaves.
  • ½ glass of water, 100 ml.


  • Wash and cut all the ingredients.
  • Add them to the blender jar.
  • Consume it without straining at the first manifestation of pain.
  • It is recommended to take it two or three times a day.

Cabbage and celery juice


  • 4 cups of cabbage, 300 grams.
  • 1 cup of celery, 100 grams.
  • A glass of water, 200 ml.


  • Wash the ingredients.
  • Take them to the blender and process them with the glass of water.
  • It is advisable to consume the juice obtained without straining,
  • It should be consumed fasting for 10 days.
Fruits nourish and help deflate the meninges. Photo: Pexels.

Banana juice, orange and coconut milk


  • 2 ripe bananas.
  • 1 teaspoon of ground flax seeds, 5 grams.
  • 3 cups of organic kale, 300 grams.
  • 2 oranges and 1 glass of coconut milk, 200 ml.


  • Place all the ingredients in the blender.
  • Turn it on full speed
  • It is good to consume it on an empty stomach as a preventive method

Pineapple, celery and lemon juice


  • 3 pineapple slices and 4 kale leaves.
  • 1 stick of celery.
  • The juice of ½ lemon.
  • 1 piece of ginger and 1 glass of water.


  • Pour all the ingredients into the blender
  • Add a glass of water and process until well incorporated.
  • It can be consumed on an empty stomach, three times a week.

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