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Karla Martínez shares the diet that transformed her life: This is how the Univisión anchor stays healthy at 45

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Karla Martínez is one of the most recognized presenters of the Univisión channel. She currently works on the Despierta América program, but in recent months she has been a trend due to her physical changes, since the cheerleader, who is already 45 years old, shows off a sculptural figure after undergoing a rigorous diet and exercises.

The presenter revealed to Univisión that she started the diet after looking in the mirror and not being convinced by everything she was seeing, she stated that she needed to lose weight, for that reason she contacted the nutritionist Claudia Molina, who helped her achieve the desired weight In a healthy way.

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What was the diet that transformed Karla Martínez

The first thing that nutritionist Claudia Molina did was analyze Karla’s activities, as well as her schedules and lifestyle. “Each person has a different schedule and from there I established how Karla’s diet should be,” Molina told Univisión.

  • Upon waking up, Karla consumes a protein shake. The nutritionist explained that this is prepared with coconut or almond milk, plus a portion of fruit.
  • Breakfast was made when she got to the show, and it was usually an egg white omelet plus a generous serving of vegetables.
  • To quell cravings after breakfast, Karla ate a cup of boiled oatmeal with a handful of blackberries.
  • At snack time, he tasted two tacos of grilled chicken breast with tomato, avocado and onion.
  • While for dinner, a fat-burning juice that consists of a lettuce leaf, a quarter of a cucumber, a green apple, a stick of celery, the juice of a lemon and a bit of turmeric.

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