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This is the ideal, easy and simple exercise that activates the circulation and the muscles for men after 40 years of age

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When crossing the 40-year-old barrier, the need to exercise arises, and not only for health, but also for physical appearance, since the degenerative process does its thing while you do nothing to make it more bearable.

At this stage of life, men find it more difficult to lose weight, since the metabolism has slowed down and they no longer burn as many calories as before. The main culprits are the thyroid hormones, which go more slowly than usual.

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Added to this is that men, from the age of 40, produce less testosterone to develop muscles, as The Objective reviews.

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In short, everything goes against and to stop the degenerative process it is necessary to do physical activity. There is a simple exercise that offers very good results and that can be done from anywhere, even at home.

The ideal exercise for men over 40

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This exercise is called skipping. It consists of raising the knees above the waist keeping the hips in an elevated position. It allows to activate the body, raise pulsations and increase circulation.

Skipping offers greater joint control and coordination of the ankle extensor muscles and the hip flexor muscles.

In addition, it improves the strength of the feet, contributes to greater muscle coordination, improves our running technique and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, since it increases the heart rate.

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In addition, it helps to tone the body and lose weight, since it burns calories – it is estimated that about a thousand calories per hour. Of course, that is accompanied by a caloric deficit in nutrition. So this exercise burns about seven thousand calories or a kilo of weight per week.

How to skip correctly

  • Stand tall: Raise your left leg, then your right knee off the ground, all at a 90-degree angle while bending your left arm as if running.
  • Your thigh should be parallel to the ground. Your left foot will take a small double jump forward.
  • When your right foot lands, repeat the movement as you lift your left leg and right arm. He continues to alternate legs for a total of 20 steps.
  • The best thing is to try them all and keep the one that most convinces you. And the higher the intensity of exercise, the more calories you will burn.

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In addition to skipping, you need to make other adjustments in order to be in shape after 40, such as adjusting your diet by reducing carbohydrates and increasing protein and fiber with the advice of experts.


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