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See what traits identify you and you will know who you inherited them from: These are the genes that you only get from your father or mother

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Eye color, hair shape, height, and composure are characteristics passed down from parents through genes. The Todo Papas web portal explains that most of the time the father transmits more traits than the mother. The reason? male genes are usually more dominant than female genes.

However, large features also depend on the mother, to further explain what are the characteristics that are inherited from the parents, here we leave you a guide so that you know what you inherited from each of them.

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What genes do you only get from your father or mother?

What is inherited from the father

The sex: The sex of the baby, whether it is male or female, is determined solely and exclusively by the father since all ovules have an X chromosome, that is, female, while sperm can have an X or Y chromosome. Then, depending on the sperm who conceives the ovum, you will have a boy (XY) or a girl (XX).

Teeth: Another aspect where the father’s genes predominate is in the shape, size and dental health. So if Dad wore braces, there’s a good chance the kid will have to wear braces too.

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The height: Size and height is more determined by the father’s genes than by the mother’s, that is, if the father is tall, the child will have more chances of being tall, however, not everything depends on it, since the diet, the lifestyle, even affection influence the final size, publishes the portal Todo Papas.

The appearance and resistance of the skin is inherited from the mother. Photo: Shutterstock

Genes that we inherit from the mother

Intelligence: Mothers are responsible for the intelligence of their children, since the intelligence genes are located on the X chromosome, therefore, children only receive this gene from their mother.

Skin: The appearance and resistance of the skin is inherited from the mother. Of course, other factors affect the skin, such as diet, sun exposure and other care.

Being thin or obese is a characteristic that is inherited from both parents. Photo: Shutterstock

What you can inherit from both parents

The weight: Being thin or obese is a characteristic that is inherited from both parents equally, however, it will also depend on the diet and habits that are transmitted to the child. +

The color of the eyes: In this aspect, both the genes of the father and those of the mother and those that were transmitted to them by their parents are also involved.

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