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These are the risks of consuming energy drinks and who should never drink them

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In recent years, energy drinks have taken an important place in the market. More and more companies are dedicated to marketing this product, which has become one of the favorites for people who lead a hectic pace of life.

However, care must be taken when consuming it. The Mas Salud Facmed website explains that energy drinks stimulate the nervous system, improve reflexes, increase heart rate and blood circulation.

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Milk may be better for athletes than energy drinks

Why are energy drinks dangerous?

Energy drinks contain many substances that serve to activate the body, including; sugar, caffeine and vitamins, all of these help to increase alertness and stimulate the nervous system which will allow your reflexes to be alert.

However, consuming this drink constantly can bring serious problems to your health, such as; hypervitaminosis and increase blood glucose levels.

If when consuming it you present frequency or exhaustion, other natural and healthy ways to increase energy are recommended. Photo: Vadym Petrochenko

What can cause too much energy drink

  • Panic attacks
  • states of agitation
  • nervous breakdowns
  • aggravate insomnia
  • raise blood pressure
  • cause cardiovascular accidents
  • Even cause a heart attack

Who should not drink energy drinks

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According to the GastroLab portal, this drink is not recommended for minors or those who have problems with insomnia, anxiety, hypertension or related heart disease.

In most people, energy drinks do not represent a risk. However, if you experience frequency or exhaustion when consuming it, other natural and healthy ways to increase energy are recommended, including: sleeping better, exercising more and improving your diet.

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