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Active life without pain, habits to give more for others

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Daily activity can generate episodes of pain, some mild or intense; avoiding them allows us to enjoy important moments.

In a world like today’s, daily life in any field can be hectic and there are even so many activities to do that you may lack hours a day, despite having everything meticulously planned. Thus, when there are discomforts that have become common among the population such as bruises, dislocations, muscle or lumbar pain resulting from physical activity or poor posture, in addition to contractures, sore throats, back pain or even dental pain, they can give way to a true collapse.

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Therefore, a series of tips can be considered to have a life without pain and thus be able to give more for others and continue serving the community.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

One of the main recommendations by professionals is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It is a bad behavior that leads to muscle weakness, obesity, constipation, increased cholesterol, among other factors, all negative and that will sooner or later lead to different episodes of pain, many products of chronic diseases.

A sedentary lifestyle can be avoided with simple actions such as climbing stairs, taking walks, playing with a ball, taking longer and longer walks; that is, you do not need to start with a marathon or strain your body with long days of exercise. To this must be added a balanced diet, a good rest, all according to age, physical condition and state of health, especially if there is any type of mild or intense pain.

Pain control, product of physical activity or poor posture

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An active life requires a daily rest of at least 8 hours a day, which offers 16 hours of complete productivity, if there is no pain. However, daily activity can generate situations that trigger episodes that are really uncomfortable; It is in this context that medical specialists specify that people experience muscle pain in different ways, depending on what causes it; and your symptoms should be evaluated by physical examination. In this way, determine which analgesic treatment is ideal, and thus be able to have up to 12 hours of relief.

It is very important to consider the weight of the person, if they have any type of morbidity such as arthritis; or stress due to excessive sport. Taking these aspects into account, there are several recommendations to avoid or control muscle pain or poor posture:

● Stretch before and after physical activity.

● Make relaxing massages in the affected area.

● Apply over-the-counter topical pain relievers, gels, or creams; for example Apronax Gelwhat’s wrong with it immediate absorption, generating a rapid analgesic action in the pain points that are close to the surface of the skin.

● Alternate temperatures between hot and cold, applying ice or cold compresses, and then increasing blood flow to the muscles by taking a warm shower, or other techniques.

● Let the affected area rest for at least 4 hours, and also sleep well.

● Take pain relievers by mouth, such as Apronax Liquid Gels that contains 275 mg of naproxen sodium and provides pain relief for up to 12 hours.

● Keep moving, moving is what the body needs to reduce pain. Yoga, pilates, or going for a walk are all good ways to get moving without being too taxing on your muscles.

If the symptoms persist, you should see a professional.

It should be emphasized that if the pain is persistent or worsens, despite the use of analgesics, a professional should be consulted to determine the causes of the discomfort.

By following these recommendations, you can achieve a full, active life, continue contributing to the community and share happy moments with your loved ones. Namely, can give more for others, for many more hours.

Apronax Liquid Gels. Pharmaceutical Form: Soft capsule. Dosage: Adults: 1 soft capsule every 6-8-12 hours. It should not be taken for more than 10 days, unless the doctor prescribes it. Precautions for use and warnings: Gastrointestinal pain is not an indication for naproxen sodium/naproxen. If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Contraindications: Children under 12 years. Known hypersensitivity to naproxen or any other ingredient. History of asthma, urticaria or allergic-type reactions after taking acetylsalicylic acid or other (NSAIDs). Gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation related to NSAID use. Active or recurrent peptic ulcer. Severe heart failure. Sanitary Registration No.: H7311013

Approval code: CH-20220901-108

Source: Eluniverso

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