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These are the beginner mistakes you make when exercising your biceps and maybe you don’t realize it

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For every iron lover, when you go to the gym and pick up a dumbbell, your biggest goal is to make your pair of biceps pop out of your shirt and look like cannonballs.

Ultimately, trainees understand that growing a formidable set of biceps and triceps is more of a steady ride than a fast ride. And they will reach their ultimate goal if they mark proper technique when taking dumbbell bicep curls, for example.

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And the reality is that for novices, the first foray into the biceps curl is fraught with a series of small mistakes, because they perform the exercise with poor technique, thus sabotaging early gains and keeping them from arm size. they pursue, as published by Men’s Health.

Fortunately, these problems are easy to address. Let’s fix some of the most common mistakes that may be derailing your bicep workout.

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Correct technique and correct nutrition. the results will not wait. You just have to be focused and be consistent. Photo: Constantinis

Beginner mistakes you make when exercising your biceps

Too much shoulder involvement

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The temptation to move your shoulders to help power the movement increases with each repetition during a set of bicep curls, especially when the load increases or you start to fatigue. The result: less emphasis is placed on the biceps.

The solution:

Concentrate on holding your elbows to your sides and only moving at the elbow joint. This rule applies to any type of curl, be it barbells, dumbbells, cables, you name it. Since the goal of the movement is to isolate the biceps muscle.

You may not eliminate shoulder intervention with every rep because you’ll eventually give in to fatigue, but keeping your elbows tight will allow your biceps to do the work for the vast majority of reps.

too much wrist flexion

To create the most challenge for our biceps, you’ll want to keep your wrists in a nice, neutral position every time you curl.

Our biceps actually have two functions: bend at the elbow and supinate, or turn palm up. Photo: MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY

However, by the time wrist flexion enters the curl, when you bend your wrist to bring your hand closer to your body, two things happen that you don’t want:

  • First, you’ll use your wrist and forearm muscles to initiate the curl. the stress of our biceps.
  • Second, flexing your wrists shortens the leverage your biceps need to work with, making the curl easier and taking away some of the stimulus you want to build the pump.

The solution:

Maintain a neutral wrist position throughout the movement. The only curl that should occur should be at the elbow joint, not the wrist.

This is natural testosterone found in some plants and can contribute to the formation of muscle mass.

A well-executed technique in bicep curls can achieve great development and will be visible from any angle. Photo: antondotsenko

lazy supination

Our biceps actually have two functions: bend at the elbow and supinate, or turn palm up. The goal is for both functions to be performed efficiently with each repetition, so that you can really emphasize the muscle contraction.

The solution:

Make sure your palms are facing the ceiling at the beginning of each curl rep. If you don’t, chances are you’re not getting the most out of executing the exercise.


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