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Coffee before exercising? Yes, it is a powerful natural ‘pre-workout’ that activates and energizes

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The benefits of coffee are well-known when it comes to studying and staying focused, maximizing productivity at work, or activating your alertness on a sleepy morning.

However, caffeine can also become your best ally when it comes to exercising and achieving better performance.

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In general, people who drink coffee regularly tend to live longer and have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, and melanoma, which is related to caffeine’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you train every day with rigorous punctuality, you love going for a run or pedaling or you never miss your appointment at the gym, these are some benefits of coffee before sports.

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Ideally, it should be about 60 minutes before exercise so that the body absorbs the caffeine. Photo: Extreme Media

Benefits of drinking coffee before training

Improves aerobic endurance

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Increases the ability to perform the activity for as long as possible. It also promotes muscular endurance, just to a lesser extent than aerobic endurance, according to an assessment by the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Consuming 5 milligrams of caffeine before running can improve times.

Increases physical performance

Caffeine improves exercise performance when consumed in moderate doses, especially in jumping, throwing, and sprinting sports. It can make significant differences for athletes who compete with small margins of difference, according to EfDeportes.

Caffeine has been shown to improve exercise performance when consumed in moderate doses. Photo: wundervisuals

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More strength, power and speed

Several pieces of evidence published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggest that caffeine consumption before exercise has ergogenic effects on muscle strength, anaerobic power and speed of movement.

This makes pre-workout coffee ideal for those who lift weights. Photo: Unsplash

This makes pre-workout coffee ideal for those doing weightlifting, running, or the classic routines with squats, lunges, crunches, burpees, and more.

Increase focus in your activities

It is proven that caffeine can improve cognitive and physical performance, attention, vigilance and alertness, as reviewed by Business Insider.

So whether you’re into sports that require your full concentration or just need a focus punch in your routine, pre-workout coffee is for you.

How much and which coffee to drink before exercising?

Studies recommend consuming a dose of caffeine between two and six milligrams per kilo of body mass to take advantage of all its virtues. Which is roughly equivalent to one or two cups of coffee.

Ideally, it should be about 60 minutes before exercise so that the body absorbs the caffeine and there is an ergogenic effect, which means that it improves performance.

In addition, the healthiest way to take the drink is coffee without sugar, of good quality, well loaded and, if possible, on an empty stomach. According to the recommendations of the Mayo Clinic, you should not exceed the threshold of 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.


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