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Do you want to know if you are consuming too much fat? These are some warning signs that your body gives you

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Fat is a type of nutrient and people need some of it in the diet, as it is a source of energy and helps the body absorb vitamins. However, too much can cause heart problems.

Fats are one of the three macronutrients that we ingest through food. They are also known as lipids and are formed mainly by triglycerides, which in turn are simplified into fatty acids, as published by ¡Hello!

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Functions of fats in the body

The fats we eat have various functions in the body, the most important are:

  • They are used as a source of energy providing nine calories for every gram we eat, so they are also the energy reserve that our body has to provide energy when it needs it.
  • They protect and give consistency to our organs by placing themselves around them generally.
  • They are part of the cell membranes, regulating the passage of substances in and out of them.
Choosing healthy lean proteins, which means bone-free and low-fat skin, care should be taken when cooking these and try to avoid frying as much as possible. Photo: Shutterstock
  • They participate in the absorption and mobilization of fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A, D, E and K, which are soluble in fat, intervening in their transport through the bloodstream.
  • In addition, outside the body, fats provide palatability to food. This property makes foods rich in fat much tastier and more appetizing.

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Signs that you are eating too much fat

he forgets everything

Excessive consumption of fats is related to memory loss, according to studies. Photo: iStock
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If you’re having trouble remembering recent events, you’re probably consuming too many unhealthy fats. This data was obtained from a study conducted at the Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in which six thousand 65-year-old women were analyzed.

take a lot of antacids

Taking antacids is a symptom that you are eating too much fat. Photo: JaCZhou

If you need to take antacids on a regular basis, this means you need to decrease the amount of fat you consume in your diet. This is not life!

What happens is that the fat that accumulates in the stomach makes digestion difficult and this exacerbates the sensation of acidity.

Eat a lot of fried foods

Specialists insist on reducing the intake of fried foods. Main vector of high fat intake. Image: Pexels

Fried foods are also a source of dietary fats – and not exactly the healthy ones. Therefore, if fried foods and fast foods are something that prevails in your life, you need to start replacing them with other types of foods.

Your cholesterol is too high

The person with high cholesterol may not present symptoms, but could suffer from headache, blurred vision, loss of balance, chest pain, among others. Due to the high consumption of fats and sugars. Photo: Pexels

If your cholesterol is too high, you may have problems with your diet. In the event that this happens, the solution will be to reduce the intake of harmful fats until reaching only 11 grams per day.

use a lot of butter

Although their external similarity is evident, their differences in terms of their origin, preparation and composition mean that each one has different properties and effects in terms of health. Photo: Olga Ihnatsyeva

If butter makes its appearance on your menu repeatedly, you’re probably consuming a lot of fat. Just two tablespoons of butter contain 23 grams of fat.

The best thing is to leave it aside whenever you can and replace it with olive oil.

You have too much belly fat

The width of your waist is also a sign of how much fat you consume on a daily basis. If you eat too much fat, it is likely that over time your pants will not close and you will begin to notice that your abdomen increases in size.

Chances are, if you eat a lot of fat throughout the day, you’re more than familiar with these signs. EFE/Sashenka Gutierrez
Photo: Sashenka Gutierrez Sashenka Gutierrez

Chances are, if you eat a lot of fat throughout the day, you’re more than familiar with these signs.

Fortunately, to make them go away, you just have to cut back on your fat intake and stick to fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats like chicken and fish more often. Try it and you will feel the difference!


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