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Do you forget things? What are the memory failures that can be considered normal and which are not?

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Many people when they reach an age between 65 and 70 years, complain that their memory is no longer the same as when they were young. For this reason, they begin to ask themselves a series of questions related to their memory capacity, such as: Is what is happening to me normal? Why do I forget things so much? o Am I starting to have Alzheimer’s?

What happens is that the aging process of the human being brings with it a loss of neurons in the brain. This neuronal loss is what is responsible for making our memory no longer work as well as before.

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This situation can cause some concern in those who experience it, so it is convenient to make it clear which failures are normal and which should alert us.

According to what Psychologists 18 points out, the objective of this classification is to normalize in order to reduce the concern that forgetfulness produces in some older adults. So, which forgetfulness can be considered normal and which ones are not?

Not remembering what day it is, where we left the keys, not finding the right word when needed. Photo: Shutterstock

Which memory forgetfulness is normal and which is not?

normal memory failures

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Normal forgetfulness is occasional, of little importance and of slow evolution. They are associated with the retrieval of previously stored information and do not prevent us from carrying out daily activities such as cooking, showering, getting dressed or going to the supermarket.

Not remembering what day it is, where we left the keys, not finding the right word when needed, forgetting some things we had to buy or forgetting to communicate a message to a certain person. In the face of this type of forgetfulness we should not worry, since they are typical of age.

They are not accompanied by other cognitive deficits such as attention problems or problems in executive functions: complex mental activities essential to plan, organize, guide, review, regularize and evaluate the behavior necessary to adapt effectively to the environment and achieve goals.

The malignant forgetfulness evolves negatively quickly, so much so that one is unable to remember transcendental events. Photo: Pexel

forgetfulness that is not normal

These forgetfulness are typical of neurodegenerative brain processes, and there is neurological evidence to prove it.

They occur more frequently and are more obvious. For example, the person does not remember going to pick up his grandson from school when he always has, nor does he remember the name of a very close relative such as his son or daughter, or even does not remember the name of the.

Similarly, disorientations can occur, such as getting lost in familiar places.

The malignant forgetfulness evolves in a negative way quickly, so much so that one is unable to remember transcendental events that the person has experienced, such as their wedding day.

GETTY IMAGES People have a limited memory capacity: they cannot remember everything in detail.

These forgetfulness prevent the normal development of daily activities because they do not know how to follow the steps to get dressed, shower, or make food (when that had never represented any type of problem).

It is also not able to record or learn anything, since almost no new information can be stored.

These failures are usually accompanied by deficits in other cognitive processes such as attention difficulties or failures in some executive function. In these cases, it would be advisable to see a doctor for an appropriate neurological or neuropsychological examination.

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