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New study could reverse years of discussion: Playing video games does not affect mental health

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In recent years, the debate about whether or not video games affect people’s mental health has increased. In social networks there are those who say yes, while another group of people considers it to be a lie. However, a study published by the Royal Society Open Science clarifies this doubt.

The research studied tens of thousands of players, in total they were: 38 thousand 935. With this sample they managed to obtain reliable results in relation to human behavior after long exposure to video games, as published by the Clarín web portal.

In order to observe a negative impact on well-being, you have to play more than ten hours a day, every day. Photo: MIGUEL GUTIERREZ
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Video games have no consequences for the well-being of players, according to an Oxford study

Does playing video games affect mental health?

What does the study say?

The study published by the Royal Society Open Science confirmed that playing video games for long hours is not as harmful as previously thought.

The researchers also determined that after an extensive session playing video games, some people do not have discomfort. However, they noted that gaming sessions cannot be abused.

How many hours should be played?

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They also explained that in order to observe a negative impact on well-being, you have to play more than 10 hours a day, every day.

However, the Royal Society Open Science highlighted that motivation does influence when it comes to playing, since people who played because they wanted to do so showed greater satisfaction than those who did so out of some obligation.

After this study, the researchers aspire to be able to change the conception that exists in relation to video games and the supposed damage that they cause to children. They add that video games are one of the most effective methods of entertainment today.

However, they explained that there are many video games that must be analyzed due to their violent content.

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