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How to increase testosterone quickly, effectively and naturally? Follow these five steps and enjoy

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Erection, sexual desire, depression, or concentration and memory are just some aspects in which testosterone plays a very important role.

In addition to being fundamental in male sexuality, it fulfills other functions of great importance, such as the maintenance of bone density, red blood cell levels and a feeling of well-being.

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We recommend some tips so that, if you are over thirty, you continue to be like a bull.

Testosterone chip: What is this popular male “rejuvenation” device and what is it for?

How to increase testosterone in a fast, effective and natural way?

1. Lose weight

Being overweight doesn’t help in any way. Eliminate it, also to be more virile, since, according to repeated studies by the Endocrine Society’s, overweight men are prone to low testosterone levels. And to avoid it there are only two formulas: take care of your diet and do more exercise.

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Forget sugars! The levels of this male hormone decrease after ingesting it. When it comes to food and drinks, you have to reduce or eliminate them.

The diet alone is not enough, since by losing weight only with food you can suffer from flaccidity. With exercise, in addition to burning calories, it activates the androgenic process to generate defined muscles. Photo: IGphotography
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.
  • Maintain a healthy eating rhythm: vegetables, fruits, healthy fats.
  • Stick to these foods: oysters, eggs, beef, garlic, and broccoli. They are what are referred to as “promoters” of testosterone production.
  • Put on your sneakers and find strength to go to the gym. You’ll look and feel rewarded with better health and an undeniable physical improvement as you tighten up and slim down, an allure that’s sure to be multiplied by the consequent boost in self-esteem.

With these four exercises and some daily habits you can increase testosterone production

2. High intensity exercises and strength training

High-intensity exercise increases testosterone levels and prevents its deterioration. There are different formulas that can help you raise this hormone. But, beware, always supervise with your doctor that it is not counterproductive.

Increase the weight and reduce the number of repetitions with weights or bars, for example.

By lifting heavy weights, you are actually improving the connection between the muscular system and the central nervous system. What facilitates the production of testosterone. Photo: South_agency

Focus on exercises that work the largest number of muscles, such as deadlifts or squats.

An extensive research study found that people who exercised regularly had higher levels of testosterone. In the elderly, exercise increases testosterone levels, physical fitness and reaction time, as published by Tena.

3. Zinc, a good ally

Zinc is important for the production of testosterone. Meat and fish are foods rich in it. It is also found in raw milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt or kefir made from raw milk.

If you want to supplement directly and in isolation, you can opt for capsules or consume it through foods such as fish and eggs. Photo: Tero Vesalainen

4. Reduce stress

When a man suffers or is stressed, his body releases high levels of the hormone cortisol, an element that blocks the effects of testosterone.

Emotional intelligence, meditation, yoga, knowing how to laugh at yourself, sleeping and resting well, a positive view of your life. These are some of the techniques to improve it.

Prevent your body from releasing high levels of the hormone cortisol, it dramatically lowers testosterone. Photo: Getty Images

5. Sexual stimuli

A simple erection raises testosterone levels. When you are sexually stimulated, the levels of this important hormone skyrocket.

Not being sexually aroused for long periods of time lowers your blood levels and makes it harder and harder for you to get aroused. Look for eroticism, there are a thousand ways. Enjoyment.

Frequent sexual intercourse raises the level of testosterone, improves the immune system and prepares the body to fight against various diseases by releasing endorphins. Photo: efenzi


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