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With these abdominal exercises you can strengthen and take care of your back to avoid ailments

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Many times, the effort to reduce and firm the abdomen generally responds to an aesthetic purpose and for this reason the important link between the abdominal muscles and the rest of the body is not usually taken into account.

In the belly, about four fingers below the navel, converge the hypothetical axes that cross the body and there is, therefore, the key to balance and posture.

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Understanding the relevant role of the abdominals allows them to be exercised correctly to promote back health, prevent and relieve some digestive problems such as constipation, increase body energy and improve balance, silhouette and movement.

Enjoying toned abs helps you prevent back pain. These exercises also strengthen the pelvis, hips and legs, as published by CuerpoMente.

Daisy Keech’s brutal exercise routine to define the abs and have an hourglass body

Abdominal exercises to strengthen and take care of the back

exercises for the obliques

In addition to performing this exercise and seeing results, combine it with a balanced diet. Photo: ArtistGNDphotography
  • Lie on your back and bend your legs. Support the left foot on the right knee, keeping the lower back always supported.
  • Inhale, and as you exhale, pull your abdomen toward the floor to lift your head and upper body with your right arm behind your head, trying to bring your right elbow closer to your left knee.
  • Then make the move to the left.
  • Repeat about 10 times per side.
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Daisy Keech’s exercise routine to define the waist and tone the abdomen with 10 minutes a day

Pilates exercises for the obliques

Understanding the relevant role of the abdominals allows you to exercise them correctly to promote back health. Photo: Deagreez
  • Lie on your right side, with your head resting on your right hand and your left hand resting on the floor in front of your belly.
  • Lengthen your spine and legs, contract your abs, and lower your shoulder blades toward your ribs. inspire.
  • Extend your left leg and raise it to hip-level, contracting your quads and slightly flexing your foot.
  • Exhale as you return your leg to the starting position, keeping your ribs and pelvis in a neutral position. Repeat the exercise 8 times on each side.
  • To perform this exercise it is important that one leg is not extended more than the other. This would unbalance the pelvis, something that is not convenient for the correct body balance.


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