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Does the fan give you allergies? These are the tricks so that this type of cold air does not affect your health

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At the time of sleeping we would like to do it peacefully, without anything disturbing our sleep and thus recover our energy. But, many times, we cannot achieve it because the intense heat is our main enemy.

On those hot nights, the fan is a good ally to cool your room. However, this solution can become a problem, since the cold air from this device could also harm your health.

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It is necessary to place it as far away as possible from the body, to prevent the air from hitting your face. Photo: Mikhail Reshetnikov/EyeEm

Tricks so that the cold air from the fan does not affect you

  • You must put the fan in rotary mode. In this way, the air is distributed throughout the room and will not always go in the same direction, Saber Vivir published.
  • Keep the fan blades clean to avoid raising dust. If you suffer from allergies to dust or pollen, we suggest you put on an air purifier to prevent suspended particles raised by the fan from entering through the nose.
  • It is necessary to place it as far away as possible from the body, to prevent the air from hitting your face. Since if you sleep with your mouth open or the gust of air enters through the paranasal sinuses, the risk of dry throat, colds or nasal congestion increases.
  • It must be at a moderate speed so that the temperature does not drop below 20ºC and the environment does not dry out too much. If the temperature is low, the muscles contract and contractures may appear. In addition, an excessively cool environment can cause colds.
  • It is convenient to hydrate the skin, drink water and wash your nose before going to bed to counteract the dryness generated by the air from this device.

If you’re using your fan correctly and it’s still causing allergies, asthma attacks, or overdrying your skin or sinuses, you may need to switch models. We suggest the ones with a timer because they turn off, which will prevent you from exposing yourself all night to the constant gust of air.

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