Fetishism is basically worshiping something so that on a sexual level that something becomes a trigger for arousal.

In the event that this object is necessary to achieve pleasure, we would speak of paraphilia. There are countless paraphilias, the most famous of which are:

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There are countless paraphilias, from the most famous, such as altocalciphilia, or attraction to high heels, to brontophilia, the excitement of storms. Photo: Istock

Material fetishism for latex or lace garments is very common: underwear is a precious treasure for many fetishists.

But body parts or specific characteristics of people are also part of the pleasure of many:

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Is fetishism a sexual deviation or an alternative pleasure?

If you are a paraphiliac, fetishism can become a problem because you experience frequent and intense sexual behaviors or arousal-type fantasies with inanimate objects, children or non-consenting adults, or suffering or humiliation of yourself or others. couple. .

But fetishism can also be brought into relationships without it having to be a natural urge like play.

It’s about looking for alternative sources of pleasure through fetishism, using, for example, someone else’s used underwear, putting all five senses on that piece of cloth in memory of their presence, or participating in a role-play.

In fact, fetishism is present in many games without the person practicing it putting that label on it.

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Fetishism in the case of paraphilia can become a problem Photo: Istock

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The most popular fetishes

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Podophilia is the pleasure created by kissing, touching, caressing, licking, smelling and sucking feet. Photo: Istock

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