dr. José Risco Aguilar (33) did not expect the response he would cause on social networks until he realized that it was a new way of communicating, clearing doubts and advising the male audience.

Risco Aguilar currently has more than 80,000 followers on TikTok, making him the most sought-after and charismatic urologist on social media.

In addition to imparting knowledge and advice to the gentlemen, he launches a few dance steps to break the ice with his followers.

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“I started to trust TikTok more when I posted a penis enlargement video and because I did it to the beat of a hot song, it went viral very quickly,” he said.


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A TikToker urologist who talks about male sexuality without prejudice

“That’s when I realized that people need more useful information, but in a different, more fun and friendly way,” says the expert, who always repeats that sexuality should be discussed without prejudice and for the benefit of health.

He notes that, apart from fun, the idea is that as many patients as possible come informed to consultations, it is clear that they are not the only ones with the problem they are suffering from, and that certain myths rooted in society due to lack of knowledge are dispelled.

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“Among the topics I get asked the most on TikTok are penis enlargement and enlargement, vasectomy, inflammation, recurrent yeast infections, and more recently, contraceptive methods that have been making the news,” he reveals.

The expert and tiktoker uses this interview to give Trome readers the following tips: