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These are the eight most common myths about erectile dysfunction that many men take for granted.

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It’s almost impossible for men to freely discuss erectile dysfunction, because most men don’t like that topic. It can create feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy.


Erectile dysfunction refers to the continued inability to obtain an erection acceptable for satisfactory sexual activity. More than 150 million men worldwide experience some type of erectile dysfunction.

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Learn about some common myths to help men start talking about this condition, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called “male sexual impotence,” is the inability to achieve or maintain a firm penile erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Photo: grinvalds

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Common myths about erectile dysfunction

myth 1

Erectile dysfunction only affects men over 70 years of age.

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Reality: Erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, but it can occur at any age. It affects about half of men between the ages of 40 and 70.

myth 2

Erectile dysfunction is annoying, but not dangerous.

Reality: Erectile dysfunction can be a wake-up call that you are at increased risk for some life-threatening conditions. This includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

myth 3

Erectile dysfunction is on your mind.

Reality: In the past, psychological factors alone were thought to cause erectile dysfunction. Medical specialists now know that physical conditions can cause or contribute to erection problems.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be due to depression, stress, anxiety, or fatigue. Relationship problems can also cause difficulty getting an erection.

myth 4

Erectile dysfunction means that something is wrong with the penis.

Reality: To produce an erection, a man needs a healthy brain and penis, healthy blood vessels and nerves, and adequate amounts of the male hormone testosterone. If any aspect of this system is affected, erectile dysfunction can result.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be due to depression, stress, anxiety, or fatigue.

myth 5

If you fight in the bedroom once, you have erectile dysfunction.

Reality: It is normal to have difficulty maintaining an erection from time to time. It happens to most men and is perfectly normal. Talk to your urologist if it becomes a persistent problem and interferes with your self-image or sex life.

myth 6

Erectile dysfunction means that you are not attracted to your partner.

Reality: Personal relationship problems can cause difficulty achieving an erection. If you enjoy the company of your partner, it is likely that stress, anxiety, fatigue, specific medications are causing your erectile dysfunction.

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myth 7

Taking testosterone supplements will cure erectile dysfunction.

Reality: Hormonal changes, such as low testosterone levels, can cause erectile dysfunction, but this is not the only cause. Talk to your health care team before you start taking testosterone supplements.

myth 8

Medications are the only way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Reality: There are many options available to treat erectile dysfunction. Medicines work for some men, but others benefit from simple mechanical devices, surgery, or counseling. Learn more about erectile dysfunction treatments.

Erectile dysfunction can become a source of stress for a man and his partner. If you experience erectile dysfunction from time to time, try not to assume you have a permanent problem or expect it to happen again. See urologist.

Working together, you and your health care team can determine the cause of your symptoms and explore treatment options for a satisfying sex life. Photo: Business


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