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These are the five yoga postures that help you sleep better if you practice them frequently

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Insomnia is one of the ills that most often affects the population, along with back and neck pain. Pathologies, all of them, closely linked to the stress and anxiety that the dizzying pace of modern life causes in people.


But we have our best tool to beat insomnia and all the conditions associated with it: the regular practice of yoga.

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Yoga is especially effective:

  • To reduce muscle tension.
  • Because it teaches and promotes slow, deep breathing.
  • Because it increases melatonin levels: a hormone that regulates the internal clock.
  • Because it develops the capacity for self-observation.
Five yoga asanas with relaxing properties that you can practice in less than five minutes before you go to sleep each night. Photo: fizkes

Yoga Day, what does this discipline consist of?

What yoga poses help you sleep better?

We have chosen five yoga asanas with relaxing properties that you can practice in less than five minutes before going to sleep each night, as published by Sport Life.

1. Hero Pose

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Sit on the balls of your feet with your knees together. Keep your back straight and focus on your breath, counting five seconds to inhale and five seconds to exhale. Repeat two breaths to hold the pose for 20 seconds.

This pose is one of the best ways to calm your mind and body before bed, to get a restful sleep and wake up with energy. Photo: Pexel

2. Child’s Pose


From hero stance, inhale for four seconds and as you exhale, bring your arms forward, touching the ground as far as you can, letting your core accompany you as far as it will go. If you can touch the ground with your forehead, fine.

If you can’t, relax without forcing the flexion. Take two breaths trying to maintain the rhythm of five seconds to inhale and five seconds to exhale (Rhythm 5/5). So you hold the position for 20 seconds.

Doing Yoga daily is vital to being able to sit down to meditate and breathe efficiently, as well as to maintain the flow of energy. Photo: Pexel

3. Upward Facing Dog Pose

Urdha Mukha Svanasana

From the child’s position, exhale and slowly bring your body forward and as you inhale, lift your trunk by extending your arms and supporting yourself on your hands. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, for two breaths, with a 5/5 rhythm.

People who practice all facets of yoga live longer. Is demonstrated. Photo: Pexel

Are you close to 50 years old and want to start doing yoga? Follow these data and take advantage of its benefits

4. Camel Pose


From Upward Facing Dog, inhale and move your body back into Hero on Knees Pose. Exhale and bring your hands to your lower back to arch your back backwards.

Breathe in and as you breathe out, you can deepen into camel pose by bringing your hands to your heels to further bend backwards creating a more pronounced arch. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, for two breaths, with a 5/5 rhythm.

Yoga is not just movement. It is also breathing and meditation. These last two are vital to making yoga an integral part of your life. Photo: Pexel

5. Butterfly Pose

Purna Titli Asana

From camel pose, move your body forward in slow, smooth movements until you sit on the floor with your sit bones. Inhale, cross your feet in front of you and place your hands on your feet, and as you exhale, bring your torso forward.

Without forcing, as far as hip flexion goes, don’t try to reach the ground with your head if you notice that your chest is too far from your feet. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, for two breaths, with a 5/5 rhythm.

Yoga is multidisciplinary and therein lies its charm. Look for a class that offers the complete package: movement, breathing and meditation. Photo: Pexel


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