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Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others? What attracts these types of insects the most?

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The bite of mosquitoes often becomes an uncomfortable sensation, because you do not know whether to scratch the bite with your nails since you can cause an injury or look for something to calm the itching. You get desperate and ask, could it be that the mosquitoes only bite me?


Yes, it is normal for mosquitoes to bite some people and not others. Although it is believed that mosquitoes are attracted to blood, here we will explain in depth what happens to these insects and why they decide to bite people.

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Mosquitoes have a preference for dark colors like blue, brown, and purple.

What attracts mosquitoes the most?

Mainly, it must be clarified that mosquitoes are not attracted by the taste of human blood, but by various chemical compounds that are expelled in sweat.

This is how the Salud Nueva portal explains it. The these insects bite according to the amount of individual compounds that are excreted from the sweat.

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Mosquitoes know exactly how to choose who to bite. The female is more sensory and locates her prey by its movements, its shape, its colors and then by the carbon dioxide produced in her breath.

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The perfume of a person also influences the moment of being chosen. Photo: Shutterstock

Why do mosquitoes bite me?

Mosquitoes are known to have a preference for dark colors such as blue, brown, and purple; and they tend to avoid orange, yellow and apple green. The perfume of a person also influences the moment of being chosen.

There is a study that reveals that mosquitoes are usually attracted to pregnant women, since they exhale 21% more CO2, in addition, their temperature tends to be higher. It is important to note that female mosquitoes often bite pregnant women due to the need to develop fertile eggs.

If you have wondered what type of blood do mosquitoes like? The answer is as follows, according to a study it was revealed that these insects prefer people with blood type O, on the other hand, people with blood type A and B were less bitten in the test.


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Source: Eluniverso

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