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‘Murmullos de piel’, the bioart exhibition by the artist from Loja María Gabriela Punín

‘Murmullos de piel’, the bioart exhibition by the artist from Loja María Gabriela Punín

The art, science and technology are mixed in the sample skin murmurs, by the artist from Loja and university professor María Gabriela Punín, who is considered by specialized critics bioart pioneer in Ecuador.

The work has a history of ten years of research and experimentation in the laboratory, through a creative process that resulted in the production of a biopolymer representing human skin.

To better understand what it implies, the researcher explains that she works with a microbial symbiosis made up of bacteria, microbes, yeasts and fungi. The elements mutate to form a cellular tissue, which is the biopolymer.

“Before (this material) I represented it from pain, with wounds, scars, making a metaphor from the poetic side. Now I wanted to represent it in a sensitive way, that the spectator feels that he is observing his own skinwhich has hair, texture… beyond the skin there is something else, it is not just beauty”, describes the artist, with the intention of provoking all kinds of sensations in the spectators.

María Elisa Flores, art critic and appraiser in Fine Arts, was in charge of curating the exhibition. Punín’s work “is a scientific practice which results in an experience that moves us aesthetically, she proposes the skin to us as a sensitive element loaded with meanings and sensations”, she highlights.

The exhibition will be available at the Casa Buenaventura gallery in Quito, until April 21, from 5:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Visitors will find canvases and sculptures made with the biopolymer created by the artist. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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