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500 couples of dogs will marry in a mass wedding;  aspire to enter the Guinness Book

500 couples of dogs will marry in a mass wedding; aspire to enter the Guinness Book

Dogs have long had social media accounts and have birthday parties in the New York Central Park, but the last of the last are the weddings, even collective weddings, where they appear dressed in a bow tie and tuxedo and they in canine wedding dresses.

It’s not just a New York fad: in Illinois, a massive wedding is scheduled for next October 2 with the goal of “marrying” 500 dog couples, that they will commit themselves to share, in the joys and in the sorrows, their food, sweets and games. There are so many who want to set a Guinness record.

“(I admit that) you can’t say the words dog, wedding and Guinness record without a smile,” commented to Eph Leslie Allison Seeicoordinator of the event, which will be in a ball park in villapark, a town of 21,483 people in Illinois.

Allison, president of the Villa Park Commission to Unify Neighbors, is trying to break that record, previously set in Colorado, where 178 pairs of dogs married in 2007.

In 2008, Cleo, Allison’s German Shepherd, married her neighbor Buddy, a Golden Retriever, in another failed attempt to break the Colorado record, this time in Illinois.

After that experience with her pet, Allison decided to organize a massive wedding on September 25, 2021 with the idea of ​​unseating Colorado, but she only managed to gather 80 couples, which she attributes to the omicron outbreak.

“Even though it didn’t happen, everyone had fun” they met the goal of having dogs from local shelters adopted and raised money for animal shelters, he said. But yes, the pets obtained a “marriage certificate”, enjoyed a carob-flavored cake made for them and “toasted” with goat’s milk served in cocktail glasses.

Finally, he hopes that next October at least a thousand dogs (500 couples) will say “yes, I do” to set a record and raise $100,000 that will go to 24 animal organizations local service and adoption groups as well as K9s for Warriors, a well-known provider of service animals for veterans, often in need of assistance.

“We raise money for a good cause”, He argued and highlighted that pets will not be allowed to dress for this occasion, alluding to previous canine weddings, individual or collective, where wedding veils and bow ties have not been lacking for them.

And for those who are still “single”, there will be a registration event on July 26 ( and socialize to meet your “ideal partner”, get engaged and take a photo together, commented Allison, who has not forgotten any details; thus, there will be professional trainers to prevent fights between the dogs.

“We will have fun and break a record. I hope that this year we can marry thousands of dogs”, on a day when they will have a chef who has promised to travel from Ohio to Illinois with 100 dogs and prepare the cake for the pets, a cake that will be 8 feet tall (2.4 meters).

If it’s about records, New York has already entered the Guiness with the most expensive dog wedding known: 158,187 dollars cost the link organized in July 2012 by animal advocate and expert in pet lifestyles, Wendy Diamond in tribute to his late dog Lucky Diamond. The business went round for him, because he raised $275,000.

With the money, the Lucky Diamond intensive care unit was established at the New York Humane Society clinic.

That lavish wedding was held at the Essex Hotel in Central Park where her dog Baby Hope, who wore a signature dress valued at $6,000, married Chilly Pasternak, attended by family (human and animal) and friends who enjoyed a great party and dinner, not to mention the buffet for the “brides” and their guests, which included several cats and a toad.

Diamond explains that he organized the wedding to raise awareness of canine cancer, which claimed Lucky’s life, and to create the intensive care unit to help people who can’t afford critical care for their pets. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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