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It is perfect for oily hair.  It costs only PLN 10 and the effect is shocking

It is perfect for oily hair. It costs only PLN 10 and the effect is shocking

Honey was known and used by people since antiquity. It used to be bathed and eaten in it because its sweet taste was appreciated. However, his story goes even further. Interestingly, the oldest evidence of human interest in bee products dates back to around 12,000 years BC! No wonder that over the years all its positive properties, including those good for hair, have been discovered.

What are the properties of honey? Which of them have a beneficial effect on our hair?

Would you like to strengthen their hair and stimulate its growth? Honey can turn out to be your ally. Due to its healing properties, honey helps to increase the number of epithelial cells, thus causing an increase in the number of active hair bulbs. In addition, it has a positive effect not only on the scalp. It is also an excellent conditioner for the hair itself, thanks to the content of many vitamins, acids and beneficial antioxidants that protect the body against oxidative stress.

A remedy for greasy hair and honey: this property may surprise you

The effect of honey on hair is not only nourishment. Maybe you will be surprised by the fact that honey also regulates the excessive production of sebum and reduces excessive oily hair. It is worth using, for example, a vinegar-based rinse with the addition of honey. Just add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey to a glass of water. Rinse your hair in this mixture for a few minutes and wash it with a delicate shampoo, the effect should surprise you!

Honey hair mask. You can do it yourself at home

If you want to regularly care for your hair with honey, you can also use a mask with honey. Its preparation and use is very simple, we need:

  • natural honey
  • warm water

Such a mixture is one of the simplest honey masks. All you need to do is mix a few teaspoons of honey with water in any proportions so that the mask is not too flowing and too thick. Leave the honey mask on your hair for 0.5-2 hours and then wash your hair thoroughly.

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