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‘What a man should know’, Ha*Ash’s musical guide to understanding women

‘What a man should know’, Ha*Ash’s musical guide to understanding women

A large part of men say that women are complicated, that they are difficult to understand and that when you want to avoid a large-scale discussion they always prefer to agree with them (even if they are not). the duet of sisters Ha*Ash prefers to give them a practical, fast and musical class on how to understand women with the premiere of the single What a man should know.

“It is a light and fun song where we are reminding all men what a woman needs”say the sisters Hanna and Ashley.

The single marks the new page in the career of the artists, after four years of the publication of February 30album with which they made one of the most profitable concert tours by offering little more than 150 shows completely overcrowded in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America.

The song is part of Ha*Ash’s most intimate and personal album, a work that was born in the pandemic, without pressure or labels; with the sole desire to continue giving his followers stories made into songs. Only on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram they add more than 23 million followers, this without counting their almost 10 million subscribers on social media platforms. streaming.

“We made a recording studio at home, where we made one more record country, with gospel touches, more similar to our beginnings, to our roots. It was the first time that we didn’t pay attention to having a particular gender. We can even comment that there is even mariachi, even the laughter of Matilda, Hanna’s daughter “and added “It is very cool to continue telling our lives through songs and to continue letting off steam through songs and being able to share them with our fans and feel accompanied”.

Over two decades, the diamond, double platinum and gold certificates endorse the high sales of his five studio albums and two live albums, among which the single I learned it from you became the first ballad in Spanish to reach one billion views on YouTube, a platform on which they rank third in views globally.

In addition to having the most respected awards in the industry such as: Proudly Latino Award, Oye Award, Lo Nuestro Award, Spain’s 40 Principales, Kids Choice Awards and MTV’s VMA Europe, among others, without forgetting the Golden and Silver Gaviota of the Viña del Mar Festival in 2017.

They have also carried out altruistic work as spokespersons for Save TheChildren.

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Therefore the impact of his return with What a man should know single authored by Hanna and Ashley along with the talent of Pablo Preciado, a member of Matisse.

“This song came out spontaneously at a dinner when a friend told me: don’t you realize that men are very practical? Sometimes you just have to say things”.

What a man should know embodies the maturity they have achieved over the years by sharing with Shakira producer Tim Michell or George Noriega, with whom Hanna co-produced The Unforgiven of Metallica, which encouraged her to also co-produce the new album with Julio Reyes, George Noriega and Sebastián Krys, which will mark a new era in Ha*Ash’s career. (AND)

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