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These dresses are a hit for the coming spring!  They will charm you with their romantic character

These dresses are a hit for the coming spring! They will charm you with their romantic character

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Stylish dresses for a spring wedding

Spring favors a romantic aura. The flowers start to bloom and we start to think about love. That is why this season has the most weddings. The best flower arrangement for a wedding in spring. This is a great choice. The flowers are universal, and at the same time very delicate and feminine. This type of floral dress can be combined with sandals on a small heel or with unique ballerinas. When it comes to accessories, choose minimalist earrings “studs” and a large ring with a floral motif. This look will win the hearts of all your friends.

dress photo: ImaxTree

Choose the dress of your dreams

One of the main reasons I love summer is because this season you can go crazy with the colors of your clothes. We wear gray in winter and autumn, and a whole range of colors in spring and summer. Dresses in pastel shades will be fashionable this season at weddings. Pastel roses and fluo oranges are wonderful! Thanks to them, we look more tanned and radiant. They will fit into the aesthetics of many weddings. They will look good at outdoor celebrations. Light, fashionable and feminine! Wear pastel dresses with pastel accessories. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Combine pink with borderline, and blue with lime.

stylish dress for a weddingstylish dress for a wedding photo: ImaxTree

Dresses for a wedding in spring and summer

I am of the opinion that it can be overloaded for a wedding creation. If you like sequins, ruffles, lace – wear such a dress. First of all, bet on femininity. Beiges and dirty roses look beautiful with a darker complexion – with golden accessories they can create an unforgettable outfit perfect for a glamor wedding. A sequin proposal will be found at weddings, which assume that it is to be an unforgettable night full of dances and fun in the style of “The Great Gatsby”. On the other hand, dresses with lots of frills and chiffon will be perfect for rustic wedding receptions. , ballerinas instead of high heels and the lack of jewelry will emphasize their fairy-tale atmosphere.

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