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Vulkano honors La Palma and ends the pandemic to be crowned the new Drag Queen of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

Vulkano honors La Palma and ends the pandemic to be crowned the new Drag Queen of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

There is no pandemic that can with the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, “finally darling”, has said its new queen, Drag Vulcanwho has finished with the virus with cannon fire and has made a full vote in the most coveted gala of the party.

A pandemic came along that threatened to end the party and, for two years, almost succeeded. “Put an end to carnival 2022?” Asked the new Drag Queen of Las Palmas, nothing of that. Vulcano (Isidro Javier Pérez) arrived with a team of dancers dressed in PPE, determined to end the pandemic. His recipe: vulkigel to stop the contagion and a drag that deserved a wave… “No, not another wave,” he joked.

Vulcano left over a planet that was dyed black with the eclipse of a disease, but the new Drag Queen arrived with her light, rhythm and joy, because “If you’re sweating, it’s not a fever, it’s Carnival”he proclaimed from the stage of the Santa Catalia park.

His war cry drove the public crazy and his reign opens with an absolute consensus and a full 12 points from all the jury tables (press, specialists, guests and public).

Accompanies him in the queen court Drag Shiky, who turned the stage into the set of “Hot Talent”, a peculiar talent show that, although it started with opera, quickly moved to rap, to reggaeton, to lead candidate four to lose his clothes. With a show full of rhythm and energy, Shiky made the park dance with the great themes of Latin music, in a relentless display of pirouettes, turns and jumps without fear or possible vertigo.

A bound, gagged and straitjacketed joker broke free from his psychiatric prison to dominate the Carnival stage as runner-up. Drag Armex he jumped, flew and turned, drawing the applause of thousands of carnival goers. Color, waste of sequins and a show that was surpassed every second took the breath away from the spectators.

The third finalist spent a thousand years locked up until his resurrection, and the moment came in Santa Catalina Park. Drag Vanderbilt he became a Dracula who flew over his team and danced non-stop for two minutes on his platforms. The props did not skimp on details and, playing a large organ, he returned to the scene to stun the entire park.

The Drag Queen of the Carnival has received the ribbon and the scepter from an eminence of the party, who managed to open a necessary debate for the show and the drag that has warmed the throne for the longest time. Drag Sethlas has bid farewell to her reign with a show that, like every year she goes on stage, has lived up to the party, her name and, above all, her audience. The 2020 winner has made way for the new queen, after meeting the most demanding challenge, keeping Carnival alive in the face of the pandemic.

Source: Lasexta

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