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Her father imprisoned her for 24 years in a basement.  What is happening now with Elisabeth Fritzl?

Her father imprisoned her for 24 years in a basement. What is happening now with Elisabeth Fritzl?

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On August 29, 1984, at the age of 18, Elisabeth was imprisoned by her father in a basement that looked like a bunker. It turns out that the father had started building her underground prison a few years earlier, when his daughter was 12. Already then, he allegedly committed sexual abuse against Elisabeth. The girl never told anyone what her father was doing, but her behavior might indicate problems at home. The teenager ran away from home several times and rebelled. At one point, Joseph decided to hide her antics and imprisoned her in a basement.

“When she entered adolescence, she stopped following my rules”

To get to the underground prison, you had to go through eight doors. The last ones were locked with an electric lock. Elisabeth’s mother wondered where her daughter was, but Joseph explained to everyone that she had fled to a sect. He also testified at the hearing.

“When she entered adolescence, she stopped following my rules. She spent all nights in dingy bars, drinking alcohol and smoking. I tried to get her out of this mess. I got her a job as a waitress, but she didn’t go to She ran away twice and hung out with bad people who were not suitable company for her. I brought her back, but she ran away again. I had to do something, create a place where I could hold Elisabeth, even by force if need be. I wanted to keep her away from the world “- he testified.

The room created by Jospeh Fritzl resembled a small apartment. “- I installed a sink, toilet, bed, stove and refrigerator. This room was previously connected to the electricity” – he said.

When asked if he was afraid that someone might guess something, he replied:

It meant nothing to me that someone could see these works. The basement belonged to me. It was my kingdom, only I could go in there. Everyone knew it. Wife, kids, tenants. Nobody dared enter my territory or ask what I was doing there. I told everyone that I had set up an office full of private paperwork there, and that was enough. Everyone followed my rules.

This was Elisabeth’s hell

The girl was repeatedly raped by her father. In 1986, Elisabeth had a miscarriage in the 10th week of pregnancy. Three years later, Kerstin appeared in the world, and in 1990, Stefan. In 1992, Elisabeth gave birth to Lisa. In December, Joseph Fritzl drops a 10-month-old baby outside his home with information from Elisabeth, who allegedly confessed to being in a cult and is asking for custody of her daughter. In 1994, Monika is born. Elisabeth’s father is finally happy to have the big family he dreamed of.

As a reward, he enlarged his daughter’s “apartment” from 35 m2 to 55 m2. A few months later, he dropped off another child in front of his house. In 1996, Elisabeth gave birth to twins, two boys. One of them, Michael, dies after three days and is burned in the furnace. The second boy, Alexander, is dropped off at the main house after a few months. In 2002, Felix is ​​born. The boy stays with Elisabeth because her mother, who has no idea that her daughter is in the basement, says that she is not able to look after another child.

Children ‘s health deteriorates over the years. 19-year-old Kerstin is seriously ill. Her mother pleads with Joseph to take her daughter to the hospital. He agrees and takes Elisabeth with her daughter Kerstin and sons Stef and Felix out of the basement after 24 years. He lies to his family that his daughter has decided to return home after years of absence.

Doctors at the hospital were very concerned about Kerstin’s health, so they called the police. Later that evening, the officers knocked on the house to check the health of the other children, and Elisabeth revealed the truth to them.

In March 2009, Joseph Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his son, incestuous acts, multiple rapes, pedophile acts against Elisabeth, but also imprisonment of his other children.

What’s going on with Elisabeth Fritzl now?

Elisabeth Fritlz broke free from her father at the age of 42. Now the woman is over 50, but we know little about her. According to media reports, the last photo of her was taken at the age of 16. Later her father saw her at the trial where she finally cleared herself when she saw his reaction to her testimony. It was a turning point in her life.

A few months after the trial, Elisabeth and her children moved to a tiny village just a few kilometers from their family home. The authorities made every effort to conceal Elisabeth’s identity from the public, hoping to ensure her as normal a life as possible after the horrors she had endured. Since her release, she has taken a new name.

Elisabeth lives with her children, who are currently 19 to 33 years old. Her now grown children have undergone therapy to work through countless traumas. Even so, they are said to sleep with the bedroom door open.

Moreover, security guards are constantly monitoring her house through. Although there is little public information about her life after prison, in 2019 the media reported that Elisabeth and her bodyguard had fallen in love with each other.

Source: Gazeta

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