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Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas will swim in ‘deep waters’ due to infidelity

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas will swim in ‘deep waters’ due to infidelity

If there is a director who knows how to make an erotic thriller in Hollywood, that is adrien lyne. Author of movies like 9 1/2 weeks, Indecent Proposal and Fatal AttractionThe 81-year-old Lyne pretty much defined that genre in the 1980s and 1990s.

Then his career came to a screeching halt in the early 2000s. He hasn’t filmed a movie in two decades, but his return to screens has been big.

deep wateron Amazon Prime Video starting March 18, returns to the topic of marital infidelity, with Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas.

The two were a couple in real life, briefly. And with less drama than in the film, in which the character of Armas almost drives her husband crazy with his infidelity.

“When I did the casting, I did a test at my house in Los Angeles,” Lyne explained in an interview via Zoom.

“I didn’t know much about Ana… but when I saw how she worked with Ben I immediately realized that the chemistry between them worked. It’s not about him or her, but about both of them together.”

‘complicated emotions’

One of the things that has changed since Lyne left the camera is the appearance in the film industry of ‘intimacy coordinators’, a kind of mediators so that the sex scenes are as relaxed as possible for the actors.

“I was appalled at the prospect,” says Lyne.

“I don’t like that there is no trust between the actors and the director. If you don’t have that, you have nothing. I have to be willing to die for them, and they for me.”

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The hardest part, however, was preserving the film’s unsettling message: “Very often the studio’s instinct is to weed out the awkward aspects of a script. But those parts are often the most interesting,” Lyne said.

“I wanted to make a film in which there was complicity between the two. It is not a happy, conventional marriage. There is a feeling of discomfort,” she explains.

‘Incredibly destructive’

In the movie, the character played by Ana de Armas openly cheats on her husband, with a certain complicity of this, something that collides with the wave of puritanism and the politically correct discourse present in Hollywood.

The central theme of the film is jealousy. “Such a complicated emotion… Obviously it’s incredibly destructive, but it also has an erotic component,” he argues.

Lyne has been married almost 50 years. His last movie was Unfaithfulwith Richard Gere.

Is your wife uncomfortable with this obsession with adultery?

“She’s sitting next to me, so I have to be careful,” Lyne says with a laugh, during the video interview.

“I don’t know why I keep shooting those kinds of movies,” he confesses. “It may sound corny, but I like movies where you can put yourself in the actor’s shoes. I may like Dune or The Matrixbut I prefer smaller budget movies, about you or about me”.

Lyne assures that there is no particular reason why he was away from filming for twenty years. Simply the reality of the film industry, in which projects sometimes founder after years of effort.

“I can’t wait another 20 years,” he laughs. “I will be 100 years old! (I)

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