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“Tadzik! Go home!”  this is her most popular issue.  18 years have passed since her.  Today Chotecka is 56 years old

“Tadzik! Go home!” this is her most popular issue. 18 years have passed since her. Today Chotecka is 56 years old

Dorota Chotecka graduated from the National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz in 1993 at the Acting Department and immediately made her film debut. The first she played was Farewell to Maria. The role of Tomasz’s wife did not bring her much publicity. However, that changed in 1998 due to appearances in two popular comedy series.

Millions of viewers loved her for the role of Danuta Norek. We can admire Dorota Chotecka on the screen to this day

1998 was a turning point for the actress. At that time, the broadcast of the famous series ended 13 police office, in which she played the red-haired prostitute Jola. Although she did not play the main role in the series directed by Maciej Ślesicki, she became recognizable thanks to her.

However, only the incarnation of Tadeusz Norek’s wife in the series Honey years made Dorota Chotecka remembered for years in the memory of many Poles. The explosive Danuta Norek, which she played for 5 years, fell in love with the audience.

However, this was not the end of Chotecka’s acting adventure. Later, you could admire her in many other famous series, i.e. At Common, the Colors of Happiness if M like love. For 8 years she also played the famous Krystyn Więcławska in a comedy series Ranch. The serial shop owner, and then the mayor of the Wilkowyje commune turned out to be another unforgettable role of the actress. Currently, we will be able to see Dorota Chotecka in the latest TVN production, i.e. the second season of the series Professional secrecywhere he will play alongside his brother-in-law Cezary Pazura.

Dorota Chotecka’s heart has been occupied for 33 years. The actor Radosław Pazura stole them. Their relationship wasn’t always all roses

Dorota Chotecka is three years older than her husband. They met while studying at the Łódź Film School. Apparently, it was the red leggings and the actress’s unavailability that made Radosław’s head spin. From then on, they were inseparable, although the actor then repeated that a career was a priority in her life.

Pazura proposed to her several times, but the ceremony ultimately did not take place. Everything changed in 2003, when Radosław Pazura had a serious car accident, which she confessed in an interview as a guest:

– Radek proposed to me three or four times, I accepted the rings, the decision was worse. Later, fate decided a bit for us, because everyone probably knows that Radek had an accident some years ago, so I thought to myself that I would be alone, I would be left alone when I was alone. I thought that was the biggest mistake because I was afraid of this wedding. As soon as he recovered and proposed to me, of course I accepted and we got married and I will say that it was one of the best decisions I made.

In 2003, on Christmas Day, they stood on a wedding carpet in Rome, away from the media. A dozen or so people took part in the modest ceremony.

Since 2007, Dorota Chotecka is also a happy mother. However, the road to motherhood was not easy

The maternal instinct, as the actress herself says, felt only when approaching 40. Only after 4 years of efforts, the couple had their dream child:

– I couldn’t get pregnant for several years. My maternal instincts woke up so I felt very much about it. There was crying and guilt. – she confessed in an interview with the magazine

In 2007, their daughter Klara was born. The marriage, however, cares about her privacy, as Chotecka once pointed out at the request of her daughter, who does not want to appear in public or follow in the footsteps of her parents. is for you and we write for you all the time on various topics. This does not mean, however, that Ukraine is relegated to the background. This is a current and very important issue all the time. You can find all the most important information here:

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