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‘Ni una menos’, the song that the Ecuadorian singer Jandino dedicates to women

‘Ni una menos’, the song that the Ecuadorian singer Jandino dedicates to women

It is a song for women, to commemorate March 8, International Women’s Day, formalized by the United Nations in 1975. The Ecuadorian singer Jandino recreates in the lyrics of this theme, the value and respect that should be promoted among all generations towards women and girls. “I uploaded the song with a little prior to TikTok, it reached more than three million visits, regardless of what it has achieved with numbers or how positive it has been to put a grain of sand within the society in which we live, not only as women who are in favor of this fight for rights but also that we as men, support them, because we all come from a woman”, emphasizes the artist born in Salinas and who has lived in Argentina since 2016, approximately.

Not one less is the title of the musical theme that premiered the video clip on digital platforms today and that is also inspired by the phrases used by the different groups in favor of women’s rights. “What we want is for women and the whole world to know that they are not alone and that it is very important that all those who have a little influence, in different scenarios, can join and make their struggle visible,” she says.

José Andrés Chiluiza, is the real name of Jandino, who lost his mother at the age of 10 due to brain cancer, and who has learned respect and value for women from his father.

Jandino, the Ecuadorian artist who performs on Disney Channel

“I have two sisters, I have lived with my grandmother for many years and, above all, my father has always been a person who instilled in me respect for women, to love them and apart from them being women, to respect all people. In the song I say it, I vent the pain I’ve felt and that in one way or another has made me the man and the artist that I am and that’s how one is also forged in life. One of those blows also made me dedicate myself to being an artist, because my mother, before black and white television existed, had a program on Ecuavisa, called El Rinconcito, where she was the butterfly Alita. This (my career) has been going on for years, I entered Disney not by coincidence, this is something that I have in my veins,” says Jandino.

“I have in my veins the desire to make art, although this is a job for me, thank God this has helped me to live, to travel the world but I do it because I love doing it, because if I did it for money, I would be able to I would dedicate myself to something else and the work of an artist is an ant job. When you are without a mega company behind you, you do the ant work and get everything (…) I prefer art before money”, Jandino, Ecuadorian musician.

After Not one less, Jandino has several releases planned, productions that he was working on during the three months he stayed in Colombia to develop his musical proposal, which he wants to focus on this year.

“I have collaborations with artists from Colombia, with producers who work for J Balvin and a lot of important artists (…) I come with a much more solid project, with more consistency, to release monthly songs, I have a song with a Spanish as well. Many tell me why you stay here, go to Argentina, here you have nothing and as an Ecuadorian it hurts me, it hurts me to feel that because one of the most beautiful things that Ecuador has is my family, that I can go to Salinas, in two hours and stay with them and fill myself with energy and return to Guayaquil recharged with energy. I am here because I believe in the industry that it can still happen in Ecuador and I want the Ecuadorian public to know about my work, I feel that they need to know who Jandino is”, he points out.

‘Bia’, the Ecuadorian Jandino’s showcase at Disney

Jandino has been part of several productions in Disney Channel not just as an actor. He has also participated as a singer, author and producer of songs that have appeared in the series Bia, I’m Luna and has taken his music to Mexico.

“Although in Argentina I was able to do many beautiful things, the two series I did, the movie I made for Disney Plus, all the songs I wrote for the series, Mexico knew about me when we went, we went to Azteca, we went to Televisa, we We presented, we sang Casita de playa, we did many, Ecuador still needs to know my work and it made me come back after a long time, “he adds. (AND)

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