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A multimediaist’s chat room.  He has silver and bronze with IO, but dreams of gold

A multimediaist’s chat room. He has silver and bronze with IO, but dreams of gold

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We visit various famous people in our program. Sometimes they are actors, sometimes influencers, and sometimes athletes. In this episode you will be able to see the apartment of a couple who have proudly represented our country in the sports arena for years.

There is silver and bronze, only gold is missing

The truth is that in this apartment there is already an object made of gold, but our guest dreams of one more gold – Olympic gold. He has silver from Tokyo in his collection, as well as bronze from Rio de Janeiro. In 2022, during the plebiscite for the Best Athlete of the Year, for the first time she managed to enter the top ten and take eighth place, although she has already been nominated five times.

What does the apartment of our sports couple look like? There are some really special items in it. One of them has a place of honor on the main wall in the lounge and from what our guest told us it was. In each episode there is a “house of secrets” that helps us discover additional secrets that our guests are hiding. What was that there together? See the new episode of “GwiazDom”.

You can find previous episodes . New episodes are broadcast every two weeks on Tuesday at 19:00 on the home page is for you and we write for you all the time on various topics. This does not mean, however, that Ukraine is relegated to the background. This is a current and very important issue all the time. You will find all the most important information.

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