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The war in Ukraine.  Bayraktar drones got a song.  The song is now available on Spotify

The war in Ukraine. Bayraktar drones got a song. The song is now available on Spotify

After the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense began to publish recordings of bombings of Russians with drones purchased from, this equipment became a real hit among users of social networks. Bayraktar drones even have a song in their honor.

Bayraktar drones are conquering the Internet. The song in their honor can now be heard on Spotify

On Sunday, February 27, they began publishing recordings of attacks using Bayraktar TB2. The first to be released was a video of a collision with Russian supply trucks, which took place at the airport near Kherson. Later, this equipment was also used to destroy the BUK missile system. We wrote more on this topic.

Eventually, the drones got the song. Its text is sung in Ukrainian, but you can find recordings with English subtitles on the Internet. The song was even shared by the Ukrainian Army on their social media. In addition, the song is already in the database of the Spotify streaming service.

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Bayraktar TB2 – it is with the help of these drones that the Ukrainians are attacking the Russian forces

Bayraktar TB2 is an unmanned drone weighing 650 kilograms, 6 meters long and with a 12-meter wingspan. This equipment is able to stay in the air continuously for 24 hours at an altitude of over 8,000 meters. meters. It is capable of carrying anti-tank missiles, and also has a modern observation and reconnaissance system. Ukraine started buying them in 2019. It currently has at least 12 of them, although a further 24 were ordered at the end of 2021 – it is not known, however, whether they were delivered.


The Russian war against Ukraine continues. There is information about houses destroyed, wounded and killed. Needs are increasing hour by hour. That is why joins forces with the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) Foundation to support humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and Ukrainians. Anyone can join the fundraiser by making a deposit through or on the website. More information in the article:

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