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Novel reflects on a world dominated by women and social networks: “Maybe female power can get out of hand”

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“In a dystopian world where social networks are the junk food of neurons (…) there are still individuals with emotions and ideals…”, reads the premise of the book Analog-digital chroniclessigned under the pseudonym Ramon Madrugawhich actually belongs to the author Max Velez Ocampo.

Pedro Gil Flores, the author stigmatized as a ‘cursed poet’ who did not seek to be a legend; he just wanted to be a writer

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It is a work that arises from a series of questions that have been raised for a long time. “It was the answer that I have had based on certain questions that I have been asking myself for a long time, based on everything that has been happening in recent years (…). Technology has given us advantages, but it has also given us disadvantages that have been provoked or deliberate in a certain way”He says.

In her fictional novel, she poses a futuristic world where women have absolute control, just like technology over humans. “In the play, the protagonist feels alone in a dystopian world, in which he cannot exploit his emotions as he should; he is a total idealist, they don’t let him read any book. There are some protagonists who are making this person realize how women are taking more power. In fact, there is a character in the book who ends up taking power for the worse; Unfortunately, this person ends up corrupting himself and harming men, humiliates them, ends up taking them as a kind of slave…”describes about this work, which took about three years to finish it.

The author says that he seeks to reflect on the hegemony of power, the universe of social networks, misanthropy (aversion towards the human species) and hembrism. “Maybe the feminine power, the empowerment that they currently have, can get out of hand”the author thinks.

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“It is my very particular vision of knowing what could be happening if we do not reach consensus on this issue that is so fashionable, such as gender equality”Add.

In his story, he presents characters who question the “pseudonormality in which they are living”, such as Inti, Nex, Kallpa, Devian, Dr. Laporta, Dr. Perséfone Vangelis, Gianna and Parnaso. “In my book I am writing about men who at some point gave in too much, or where there was never a consensus and women ended up taking complete control (…); and all the frustrations they had ended up taking their toll on the man, because they think: ‘The man oppressed me; now we are going to oppress them’. (…) Perhaps I exaggerate in many things, but it is an opportunity to reflect on what could be happening in a few decades”sustain.

She points out that it is not a book against everything that women have achieved —through their tireless struggle— over the last few years. “I want to be very clear: women and men are very important, and they have to complement each other in what each one develops well. I consider, for example, that women have an extraordinary ability to do many things at the same time, but men do not. I believe that, if both reach an adequate consensus, together we can make a much better world, without the need to go to extremes“, considers.

Another of the scenarios developed in its plot is that the characters have to check the cell phone every five minutes by order of the “great power”, and make a movement or dance. “I wrote this three years ago; I do not know if it was something prophetic, because TikTok was not yet out when I wrote that, ”says the author, who assures that he does not use social networks.

It also features a squad that checks to make sure all of humanity is necessarily happy, even if they don’t even feel it. Among the influences that inspired his novel, he cites 1984from George OrwellY A happy worldfrom Aldous Huxley.

The digital edition of Analog-digital chronicles was launched in September 2020 at the FIL Guayaquil. It is currently available on the Amazon and Apple Books platforms. This year its physical edition is planned. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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