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Zofia Zborowska suffered from cancer during her pregnancy. “Luckily it ended well”

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Zofia Zborowska is one of the stars who fight the false image of reality created in social media. Her Instagram is devoid of idealized pictures that we used to watch online, and Zborowska eagerly touches upon important social topics there. Since she became a mother, she also shows the true face of motherhood there, for which she is especially appreciated by female fans. The actress openly admitted that the pregnancy was extremely difficult for her. What’s more, she then had to deal with the hate directed at her after the publication of extremely unfavorable photos taken by the paparazzi in the media.

Zosia Zborowska suffered from cancer

Now, in an honest interview with Martyna Wojciechowska, she decided to refer to the unpleasant scandal, sharing a very intimate confession.

– I’ll say it, although I know there will be headlines. I had melanoma when I was pregnant. I was going through a very difficult time and the last thing on my mind was what I looked like. I wanted to go for a casserole, then I went for a casserole – she admitted honestly.

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– Walking in oncology, where people come up to you and say to you: Are you a lady from “Colors of Happiness”? And they want to take a picture with you. I didn’t talk about it anywhere because I didn’t want more headlines. Few people knew about it. But maybe this is a good time to talk about it because summer is approaching and this skin protection is very important, she continued.

– You have turbo stress, because you find out that you have a mole melanoma that looked like everyone else and you get from the public that you look like shit, you had to have really strong nerves so as not to break down – she admitted . – Luckily it ended well, I had it cut out. I found fantastic people in oncology. And so many people criticized me then that I complained so, she concluded, stressing that I never know what the other person is going through, so we should refrain from harmful comments.

Source: Gazeta

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