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Doda showed a photo from years ago. “Queen of ebony and claws that will tear your heart out”

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is one of the most popular Polish stars, whose popularity has not waned over the years. To the delight of the huge crowd of female fans, the artist actively runs her Instagram account, where she is watched by over 1.2 million Internet users and Internet users, with whom she regularly shares selected moments from her professional and private life. There is no doubt that for many women who watch her, Doda is now a model and a great inspiration and is considered one of the best-dressed Polish stars. But how was it at the beginning of her career?

Doda showed a photo from years ago. “Those were the times, luckily, most of us said goodbye to this trend”

Looking at Doda’s photos from several years ago, many people will think of kitsch and trash. Doda herself looks completely different now, and hers are chic and embedded in the latest trends. Years ago, however, the image of Doda made a real sensation, and the artist herself admitted in the birthday questionnaire of the “Party” magazine that her style 15 years ago “was such a big deal” and “everyone wanted to look like this”. Recently, Doda published a comparison of two photos showing how much she has changed. – I haven’t smoked in a decade and it won’t change because I hate smoking. I quit cigarettes over 10 years ago, there was a fake in the movie – she admitted.

There were many comments from female fans and fans under the post:

I am glad that this Dorota from 10 years ago is no more. Thank God you changed. (…) Vulgar Doda with a bloated face, who has everything. And now years later … OMG you are a different person. Beautiful, distant, self-aware, you show your beauty and sex appeal in a wonderful way. It looks tasty and so inspiring. You really see hard work here. Now you say completely different, you can see life wisdom and thoughtful statements

The solarium was in vogue. Those were the times, luckily, most of us said goodbye to this trend

And these tips, but history

You look even younger than you used to be

Someday: Queen of ebony and claws that will tear your heart out and looks burning your brains out

The older it is, the more beautiful it is

You’ve come a long way. In the past, you were perceived as “boorish” and a synonym for shame. Now you’ve ennobled yourself. You have replaced pathetic white boots with fur with class and style. It was great watching you mature

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– we read.

Source: Gazeta

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