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Dried flowers for a vase are a real hit! Find out how to effectively compose such an ornament

Dried flowers for a vase are a real hit!  Find out how to effectively compose such an ornament

Dried flowers can be counted as retro decorations. They are perfect for any room, but add a special charm to minimalist interiors. A subdued and subtle shade that characterizes them is not their only advantage. Many people also appreciate them for their durability in comparison.

These varieties are great as dried flowers for a vase

A bouquet of dried flowers will add elegance to the interior, but also combinations of classic flowers with grasses, twigs or shoots look the best. Recently, cultivars such as eucalyptus, reed, cotton, lavender, spherical gomphrena, flax, amaranth, broom, thistle, hydrangea and apple moth have been particularly popular.

How to match a vase with dried flower bouquets?

The beautiful appearance of such a bouquet depends not only on the arrangement of the composition itself, but also on the vase in which they are placed. the size of the vase in proportion to the bouquet, so as not to disturb its entire appearance. And so, for example, flowers with long stems will look best in tall vases with a narrow neck. On the other hand, dense bouquets will look great in lower but slightly wider vases.

the vase should also not overwhelm the whole. Keeping the color harmony in this case can bring amazing results. Importantly, we do not have to choose only ceramic vases for dried flowers. They will blend beautifully with colored pressed glass, pastel porcelain or a minimalist jute casing.

Drying flowers at home – there are several ways to do this

We can make compositions of dried flowers in two ways. Use ready-made dryers that are currently offered by many companies or prepare previously dried ones. We have selected the simplest methods for you to do this:

  • flower-down drying – the best way if the flowers are to be placed in a vase later. We tie the selected flowers into small bunches and hang them with the stems up. Hang large varieties separately. It is important that the place where they will be hung is airy,
  • drying on a wire rack – a great way to get roses and heavy plants. We pull the stem through the grate and leave the flower leaning against the grate,
  • drying in the oven – spread the flowers out so that they do not touch each other. Set the oven to the lowest temperature and open the door. Every now and then we gently turn the flowers.

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