Agnieszka, another victim of the abortion ban, has died. The 37-year-old orphaned three children

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The story of 37-year-old Agnieszka from Częstochowa was described by her family in social media. The woman was in the first trimester of a twin pregnancy. On December 21, she was taken to the Provincial Hospital in Częstochowa, to the Gynecology Department. The reason was vomiting and disturbing abdominal pain. Importantly, the family reported that their complaints had previously been disregarded. The woman was to hear, among other things, that it is a twin pregnancy and such pain is not strange.

“She came there fully aware”

However, as Agnieszka’s relatives report, her condition deteriorated during her stay in the Częstochowa hospital. – She came there fully aware, in good physical and mental condition, with gynecological ailments. Via telephone calls, we witnessed how her condition deteriorated day by day. According to the medical epichesis, on December 23, 2021, the first of the twins died, unfortunately, the removal of the dead fetus was not allowed, because the law in Poland strictly forbids it. They waited for the vital functions of the second twin to cease spontaneously, the woman’s family reveals.

“However, it was not forgotten to inform the priest in time”

Agnieszka carried a dead fetus in her womb for seven days. On December 29, the second of the twins died.

Another shameful fact is that the manual extraction of the fetuses took place after another 2 days (!!!), namely on December 31, 2021. All this time, the decaying bodies of unborn sons were left in it. However, it was not forgotten to inform the priest in time to come to the ward and organize a funeral for the children (!!!) Agnieszka fell ill with sepsis, we judge from the results, because when she was admitted to the hospital, the CRP examination showed 7 units, the day before her death, it was already 157.31H (norm 5), information about sepsis, however, is nowhere in the documents. Her vital functions were deteriorating to such an extent that within a few days she became the proverbial ‘vegetable’ and from gynecology she turned to neurology

– describe the woman’s relatives.

As they emphasize later in the entry, the hospital was supposed to make contact very difficult. Relatives of the women claim that they were not allowed to see the medical records, citing the fact that the woman did not write an authorization for anyone. And as they add, she could not do it because of her condition.

On January 23, there was a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation was successfully carried out. The next day, however, the woman’s condition showed agony. The patient was transported to the hospital in Blachownia. Only then could Agnieszka’s relatives be able to talk to the staff and see the medical documentation.

“The pain we experience is indescribable”

Unfortunately, the woman passed away on January 25. The 37-year-old orphaned three children.

We received a call in the afternoon that Agnieszka, despite attempts to save her, died in Blachownia. We are devastated and the pain that accompanies us is indescribable. Please help. We have irrefutable evidence of the committed crime and attempts to conceal the causes of Agnieszka’s health, as well as providing false information by the hospital staff about the circumstances of the twins’ deaths

– Agnieszka’s relatives are informing.


In this case, we contacted the representatives of the hospital where Agnieszka was initially staying by e-mail. If we receive a reply, we will keep you updated with all the information.

Source: Gazeta