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They shoot the movie “El Vasco” in Bermeo

The Basque-Argentine co-production “El Vasco” (Pausoka Entertainment, Prisma Cine, Oeste films and El Vasco La Film AIE) will be shooting from today, October 18, in Bermeo.

The feature film in which EITB participates, directed by Jabi Elortegi with a script by Xabi Zabaleta and Arantxa Cuesta, has in its team of interpreters Joseba Usabiaga, Eduardo Blanco, Itziar Aizpuru, Inés Efrón and Laura Oliva, and will have the special collaboration of Itziar Ituño, who is filming these days in Bermeo.

“El Vasco” tells the story of Mikel, 35, who, tired of living in the Basque Country, unemployed and recently abandoned by his girlfriend, accepts the invitation of a second uncle, whom he only knows online, to change of scene and go to a lost town in Argentina.

What Mikel would never have imagined is that life in the town takes place around a large Euskal Etxea. To make matters worse, his great-aunt awakens from her vegetative state and mistakes him for her own brother, Mikel’s grandfather. From that moment on, Mikel lives trapped in an imaginary Euskadi in the middle of Argentina.

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