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The new horror film has viewers wincing with pain. Reviews are full of delight and disappointment: A dud

The new horror film has viewers wincing with pain. Reviews are full of delight and disappointment: A dud

On July 5, the long-awaited, final part of Ti West’s trilogy, “MaXXXine,” starring Mia Goth, hit theaters. It’s the next installment of the filmmaker’s famous series after “Pearl” and “X.” Opinions on the production are very divided.

“Adult film star Maxine Minx comes to Hollywood in the 80s. Maxine dreams of finally achieving great success in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, in LA, a mysterious killer is stalking Hollywood stars. His crimes are connected to Maxine’s mysterious past,” we read in the film’s plot description.

“MaXXXine” is now in theaters. Critics say it’s disappointing, viewers are delighted

The film received a 74% fresh rating from reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes and 78% from audiences. Robin Holabird praised West’s attention to detail, sense of color and framing. René Sanchez of the Seattle Film Critics Society emphasized that Mia Goth “shines” on the screen in the production, and Nicolas Delgadillo assures that fans of the series will be satisfied with its ending.

The reviews, however, were much less enthusiastic. The reviews repeatedly state that “MaXXXine” does not live up to the previous parts of the trilogy. “The first two were great, this one is a dud,” writes Bob Grimm of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society. Eliza Janssen complains about the film’s “disappointing and ill-conceived ending,” and Erik Childress of says that “MaXXXine” “exposed the weak acting of the main character, who is “more funny than scary.”

“My dad was wincing with pain”

In Poland, critics’ opinions are divided. “A huge disappointment. Goth is still a force, but the rest is some cautious fun in a hall of mirrors” – writes Michał Walkiewicz about the film. “The weakest part of the trilogy” – adds Jakub Popielecki from Filmweb. And Michał Oleszczyk, the creator of the Spoiler Master Podcast, notes that “you can’t make horror out of the style alone”. Jarosław Kowal from Soundrive has a different opinion about the production. “More of the 80s in 100 minutes than in the entire 80s, and you don’t feel any satiety at all. One of the better awards Hollywood has ever seen” – he writes in the review, and Ewelina Leszczyńska from Filmweb notes that “MaXXXine” is “a great cinephile summary of the history of cinema” that can be safely placed on the shelf next to “Pulp Fiction”.

Viewers’ opinions also encourage horror fans to watch the film. The X portal has made a statement that is the opposite of the opinions of many critics. A large group of people commenting on the screening believe that “MaXXXine” is the best part of West’s trilogy. “They don’t make films like this anymore”, “the best trilogy of all time” – we read in posts on X. “In one of the scenes, my dad was wincing with pain” – writes one of the viewers, who took his parent to the screening.

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