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How and when to repot hydrangeas? Don’t forget to pour into the hole. It will save the flowers in the heat

How and when to repot hydrangeas? Don’t forget to pour into the hole. It will save the flowers in the heat

When to repot hydrangeas? Although some people think that the deadline has passed and the birds are gone, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check what you need to do to avoid mistakes and enjoy beautiful flowers in a new place.

They are very popular in Poland due to their numerous, beautifully presented inflorescences. The most popular colors include white, pink, blue and reddish. They bloom from about June to September, so they can delight the eyes practically all summer long. And when can we replant them?

When to repot hydrangeas? You can do it before winter, but be careful

It is best to replant hydrangeas early, preferably in early April. However, you don’t have to worry that you won’t make it this year, because they may still accept you. The condition is that they have a chance to take root before the first frost. Since they are very sensitive to it, transplanting too late can cause them to be damaged by frost, despite proper covering.

Hydrangeas Photo: Private archive

How to Repot Hydrangeas? It’s Easier Than It Seems

First, choose the right place for your hydrangea. Choose a place with fertile soil, warm and preferably sheltered from the wind. It is best for the soil to be only slightly damp, not completely wet.

WARNING! Do not dig up a hydrangea under any circumstances while you are still trying to decide on a suitable location for it. If it waits too long to be replanted, the roots may dry out.

Dig up hydrangeas with the entire root ball, taking great care to retain as many roots as possible. Place the plant in a prepared hole, which should be at least twice the size of the root ball. It is also worth sprinkling it with hydrogel, which will absorb water during a downpour and release it on warmer days. Fill the hole and water thoroughly. Remember to gently tamp the soil. If you’d like, please vote in our poll below.

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