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What about electrifying clothes? Just three ingredients. You will forget about “popping” blouses

What about electrifying clothes? Just three ingredients. You will forget about “popping” blouses

Static clothing is a common and annoying problem. Wearing it is unpleasant and irritating, but fortunately there is a way to deal with it. Instead of buying ready-made products, you can make antistatic fluid at home.

Static charging is manifested by material sticking to the body or hands. The problem most often occurs in winter, when the house is warm and the dry air favors the formation of electrostatic discharges. However, it also happens that in summer we deal with “jumping” charges. How to deal with this?

What is the home remedy for electrostatic discharge in clothes? You can make antistatic liquid at home

Clothes made of synthetic materials such as polyamide, polyester, acrylic, elastane and nylon are most likely to get electrified. Woollen garments are also affected by this problem. An easy solution seems to be using an antistatic liquid, but instead of spending money, you can prepare a similar product yourself.

Homemade antistatic fluid istock/@Iuliia Mikhalitskaia

antistatic liquid will help fight static electricity in clothes. Just spray it on the inside of your clothes and wait a few minutes. How to prepare it?

TIP! You need a glass of distilled water, four tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of glycerin. Mix all the ingredients and pour into a spray bottle. And that’s it. The mixture will work for clothes as well as blankets, curtains and bedspreads.

How to prevent clothes from getting electrified? Here are some tips

If you want to reduce the static electricity in your clothes, follow a few rules and you will forget about this annoying problem. If you’d like, please vote in our poll below.

  • Pay attention to the composition of your clothes. Natural materials are less susceptible to static electricity, so it is best to choose cotton, linen or silk.
  • Appropriately choose accessories. It’s not just clothing that causes electrical charges to build up. Some bracelets and chains can make the problem worse.
  • Increase the humidity level in your homebecause the drier the air, the more easily clothes become electrified. You can hang wet towels on radiators or you can buy an air humidifier.

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