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Morawiecki said goodbye to Stuhr. One sentence enraged the actor’s fans. “On a day like this, stick a needle in it”

Morawiecki said goodbye to Stuhr. One sentence enraged the actor’s fans. “On a day like this, stick a needle in it”

The news of Jerzy Stuhr’s death shocked all of Poland. One of the people who decided to say goodbye to the legendary actor was Mateusz Morawiecki. In his post, however, he did not fail to mention the artist’s political views. The comments immediately became heated.

On July 9, 2024, Jerzy Stuhr, one of the most outstanding Polish film, theater and dubbing actors, died at the age of 77. He had many outstanding roles on the small and big screen in productions such as , “Kingsajz”, “A Week in the Life of a Man”, “Persona non grata” or , which were not only remembered by viewers, but also on the pages of cinematography.

The stars say goodbye to Jerzy Stuhr. Mateusz Morawiecki also published a farewell post

After the news of his death was made public, the internet was immediately flooded with condolences from his colleagues, friends, acquaintances and family. The actor’s memory was also honored by the authorities of the city of Kraków, with which his family has been associated for generations, as well as the mayor. Mateusz Morawiecki also found the courage to say goodbye, publishing an extensive post on Facebook. In it, the former prime minister mentioned all the most important films in the artist’s oeuvre, emphasizing that it is thanks to them that his memory will not fade. However, the last lines of the post were not to everyone’s taste.

Morawiecki bitterly about Jerzy Stuhr’s political views. Internet users outraged

In his farewell post, he also decided to mention Jerzy Stuhr’s political views. As is well known, the actor was not a supporter, and when the party was in power, he opposed its actions and openly criticized both its members and supporters.

Although in recent years we have differed in our diagnoses of Poland and its problems – I will never forget how much laughter and joy he brought to subsequent generations of Poles. May he rest in peace

– the former prime minister concluded his post. A real storm immediately erupted on the web. Many internet users agreed that in such circumstances it is not in good taste to point out to someone what political group they supported during their life. The post was swarming with unfavorable comments.

Could you please spare me the mention of differences in diagnoses?

The Prime Minister of Seven Sorrows, even on such a sad day, has to stick a pin in

To bring up opinions like that

I don’t believe we are capable of hatred even towards the dead.

– wrote Internet users. However, there were also people who supported Morawiecki, and even stood in his defense. They emphasized that Stuhr cannot be denied his services to Polish cinematography, because he was outstanding in his profession, but he also became known as a “fallen antipatriot.” If you’d like, please vote in our poll below.

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