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Pol’and’Rock organizers have introduced a new ban. Fans of the event: Finally someone took care of it

Pol’and’Rock organizers have introduced a new ban. Fans of the event: Finally someone took care of it

The jubilee edition of the Pol’and’Rock Festival is fast approaching. Just before the start of the event, the organizers announced an important change. An important ban will be in effect, which the participants of the event have been discussing for years.

The 30th edition will take place on August 1-3 at the Czaplinek-Boryczno airport. The anniversary edition of the event will feature foreign stars such as Flogging Molly, Guano Apes, Michael Patrick Kelly, Modestep and Rotting Christ, as well as eagerly awaited Polish artists such as Coma, T.Love, Ich Troje, Krzysiek SokoĊ‚owski and Flapjack.

Pol’and’Rock Festival. Organizers introduce a new ban

Less than a month before the event, the organizers announced an important change that will be in effect at the festival this year. It concerns the rules for erecting tents on the event grounds.

For years, individual participants have been going to Pol’and’Rock, but also large groups of friends, and even entire festival “villages” that have their own names, banners and occupy a common area on the campsite. In order for the village to be created, the event participants arrived at the venue earlier and fenced off a piece of the area with tape, thus “booking” a place for friends. From 2024, such a practice will be officially banned, and compliance with the rule will be verified by the Peace Patrol.

“We are not fencing the festival field in order to reserve a place for those who are coming to Pol’and’Rock. It is normal and explainable to take up space for 1-2 tents that will be placed next to your already pitched tent, but this does not apply to entire large areas of the festival field, reserved for large groups,” we read in Jurek Owsiak’s appeal.

Jurek Owsiak’s appeal divided Pol’and’Rock fans

The practice has irritated some for years, for others it was simply part of the festival’s functioning. The organizers of Pol’and’Rock propose a different solution. “The simplest, although perhaps difficult, way to solve the problem is to pitch tents for those who arrive at our Festival,” they suggest to visitors.

Most of the people commenting on the ban are happy with the decision. “The end of taped-up empty space” – rejoices one of the participants of the event. “Finally, someone took this seriously. It caused a lot of conflicts and unpleasant situations. Bravo to you!” – writes another person. “I support it!”, “thank you”, “very good, it’s not a beach on the Baltic Sea”, “it’s wonderful that you’re doing something about it” – add others.

However, there were some comments saying that Pol’and’Rock was an opportunity for many participants to meet friends from different parts of Poland. Then, collecting money from each tent to put it up on the grounds earlier is simply impossible. The tradition associated with thematic villages at the event was also a characteristic part of the event, after the ban it will be difficult to continue it. “There are always two ends to a stick” – summed up one of the commentators.

Source: Gazeta

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