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The Pole will compete with John Williams and Hans Zimmer. He has a chance to win a prestigious award

The Pole will compete with John Williams and Hans Zimmer. He has a chance to win a prestigious award

Composer Bartosz Chajdecki will compete for the 2024 WSA Public Choice Award, which is awarded during the prestigious Ghent Film Festival. The candidates for the award include John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard and Joe Hisaishi.

The World Soundtrack Awards (WSA) have been awarded since 2001 to the best film music composers during the Ghent Festival. The WSA academy consists of over 300 people from the industry. This year, Bartosz Chajdecki and his soundtrack from the film “Little Rose 2” will compete for the prestigious award with world-famous composers.

Bartosz Chajdecki has a chance to win a prestigious award for the music from the film “Little Rose 2”

And the company of the Pole is impressive. John Williams, whose compositions are known all over the world, also has a chance for the award. The creator is the author of the music for “Star Wars”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Schindler’s List”, “Jaws” and the series of films about Indiana Jones. Chajdecki’s next competitor is Hans Zimmer. Without the musical contribution of the composer, it is difficult to imagine “Dune”, “Inception”, “The Lion King”, “The Dark Knight” and “Gladiator”.

– I am very happy that the soundtrack of the film “Różyczka 2” directed by Jan Kidawa-Błoński has also been noticed outside of Poland. It is a great honor for me to be included in such a prestigious group of composers as part of the WSA Public Choice Award. It is worth emphasizing that in the case of “Różyczka 2”, apart from the illustrative music that meets the genre requirements of the film, we also reached for classical musical forms, including fugue, adagio and aria, which are relatively rarely heard in the cinema. This was possible thanks to the openness of the director and producers. It is a great satisfaction for the composer when he learns that the soundtrack with his music has also been positively received by a group of critics from various countries associated with IFMCA – says Bartosz Chajdecki.

Pole competes for the award with the greatest composers in the world

Bartosz Chajdecki is a renowned composer of music for feature films and series, including “Gods”, “The Best”, “Simona Kossak”, “Little Rose 2”, “The Feast of Fire”, “The Master”, “Life Feels Good”, “These Daughters of Mine”, “Warsaw Uprising”, “Animals”/”Tiere”, “Le temps d’Anna”, the series “Furia”, season 2, “The Raven”, “The Behaviorist”, “Chyłka”, “Mission Afghanistan”, “Vote of No Confidence”, “Belle Epoque”, “War Girls”, “Time of Honor”, for which he was nominated for an IFMCA award for best series music.

The voting for the Audience Award for Best Soundtrack is open until August 21 on the official website The winner will be announced during a gala on October 16 at the Ghent Festival. The list of contenders for the award is prepared by the International Film Music Critics Association – IFMCA.

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